Paralympics 2008 Boccia Schedules

Competition Schedule by Event v3.2  
Day 1 Sunday:(07/9)
  Session BO01 Start: 9:00 End: 22:00 Fencing Hall of National Convention Center
         9:00-10:00 Individual-BC1  Groups Pools 1st Round
       10:00-12:00 Individual-BC2  Groups Pools 1st Round
       12:00-13:00 Individual-BC1  Groups Pools 2nd Round
       13:00-15:00 Individual-BC2  Groups Pools 2nd Round
       15:00-17:30 Individual-BC3  Groups Pools 1st Round
       17:30-18:30 Individual-BC4  Groups Pools 1st Round
       18:30-21:00 Individual-BC3  Groups Pools 2nd Round
  21:00-22:00 Individual-BC4  Groups Pools 2nd Round
Day 2 Monday:(08/9)
  Session BO02 Start: 9:00 End: 18:45 Fencing Hall of National Convention Center
         9:00-11:00 Individual-BC2  Groups Pools 3th Round
       11:00-12:00 Individual-BC1  Groups Pools 3th Round
       12:00-13:00 Individual-BC4  Groups Pools 3th Round
       13:00-15:30 Individual-BC3  Groups Pools 3th Round
       15:30-16:30 Individual-BC2  1/8 Finals
       16:30-17:45 Individual-BC1  Quarterfinals
       16:30-17:45 Individual-BC3  Quarterfinals
      17:45-18:45 Individual-BC2  Quarterfinals
      17:45-18:45 Individual-BC4  Quarterfinals
Day 3 Tuesday:(09/9)
  Session BO03 Start: 9:00 End: 20:00 Fencing Hall of National Convention Center
         9:00-10:00 Individual-BC1  Semifinals
         9:00-10:00 Individual-BC2  Semifinals
       10:00-11:15 Individual-BC3  Semifinals
       10:00-11:15 Individual-BC4  Semifinals
       11:15-12:30 Individual-BC1  Bronze Medal Match
       11:15-12:30 Individual-BC2  Bronze Medal Match
       12:30-14:00 Individual-BC3  Bronze Medal Match
       12:30-14:00 Individual-BC4  Bronze Medal Match
       14:00-15:15 Individual-BC1  Gold Medal Match
       15:15-15:30 Individual-BC1  Medal Ceremony
       15:30-16:45 Individual-BC2  Gold Medal Match
       16:45-17:00 Individual-BC2  Medal Ceremony
       17:00-18:15 Individual-BC3  Gold Medal Match
       18:15-18:30 Individual-BC3  Medal Ceremony
       18:30-19:45 Individual-BC4  Gold Medal Match
       19:45-20:00 Individual-BC4  Medal Ceremony
Day 4 Wednesday:(10/9)
  Session BO04 Start: 10:30 End:18:10 Fencing Hall of National Convention Center
         10:30-12:10 Team-BC1/BC2  Groups Pools 1st Round
         10:30-12:10 Pairs-BC3     Groups Pools 1st Round
       12:10-13:30 Pairs-BC4     Groups Pools 1st Round
  13:30-15:10 Team-BC1/BC2  Groups Pools 2nd Round
  13:30-15:10 Pairs-BC3     Groups Pools 2nd Round
  15:10-16:30 Pairs-BC4     Groups Pools 2nd Round
  16:30-18:10 Team-BC1/BC2  Groups Pools 3th Round
Day 5 Thursday:(11/9)
  Session BO05 Start: 10:30 End:18:15 Fencing Hall of National Convention Center
      10:30-12:00 Pairs-BC3     Groups Pools 3th Round
      10:30-12:00 Pairs-BC4     Groups Pools 3th Round
      12:00-13:45 Team-BC1/BC2  Quarterfinals
      13:45-15:05 Pairs-BC4      Semifinals
      15:05-16:35 Pairs-BC3      Semifinals
      16:35-18:15 Team-BC1/BC2   Semifinals
Day 6 Friday:(12/9)
  Session BO06 Start:  10:30 End:17:45 Fencing Hall of National Convention Center 
      10:30-12:10 Pairs-BC3      Bronze Medal Match
      10:30-12:10 Pairs-BC4      Bronze Medal Match
      10:30-12:10 Team-BC1/BC2   Bronze Medal Match
      12:10-13:30 Pairs-BC4      Gold Medal Match
      13:30-13:45 Pairs-BC4      Medal Ceremony
      13:45-15:30 Pairs-BC3      Gold Medal Match
      15:30-15:45 Pairs-BC3      Medal Ceremony
      15:45-17:30 Team-BC1/BC2   Gold Medal Match
      17:30-17:45 Team-BC1/BC2   Medal Ceremony