Paintball Games

Paintball game is a sport wherein players expunge rivals from game by striking them with paintballs which is a ball-like pods filled with non-venomous and water-soluble chemicals and colours, shot from a compressed-gas-powered marker or gun. A game of skirmish paintball generally includes two rival teams trying to eliminate all of the other team's players or to complete an objective, such as retrieving a flag, eliminating a specific player, or other paintball discrepancies.

Paintball History

The first paintballs were brought by the Nelson Paint Company in the 1950s for forestry assistence use in marking trees from a distance, and were also used by cattlemen to mark livestock. After two decades, paintballs were used in a game between two friends in the woods of Henniker, New Hampshire, and paintball as a sport was emerged.

Paintball Game Gears

Paintball game equipment differs depending on the kind of paintball game being played and the talent status of players. Every player, however, requires three essential equipments:

  • Mask : Necessary for players' protection, a mask or a helmet covering face from paintballs have to be put on by the players whenever they are in the paintball arena and the game is going on. The eyes, and to a lesser extent the ears, are sensetive to major injury if struck by a paintball.
  • Complete paintball markers and guns: Markers or guns uses of some kind of a loader/hopper and propellant to facilitate the players in making their best shots.
  • Paintballs: To eliminate other players.

Paintball Game Parks Arenas

Paintball sports are both an indoor game as well as outdoor game. Most players prefer profit oriented arenas, which demands payment for admission. These paintball parks generally have different motif fields like woods, jungle, or historical battlefield and a building for speedball grounds. Some commercial fields are indoors. Commercial fields often provide amenities like restroom, picnic areas, lockers, gears rentals, air refills, and even canteen. These fields stick to specific safety and insurance standards and have a paid staff, including referees, who make sure that players are guided in proper play in a way that ensures all players' safety. Large and important events are often arranged at other sites like fairgrounds, army grounds, or sports field, which are turned into provisional paintball parks for the event.

Paintball Game Tips & Strategies

Paintball, like most of the team games, stresses more on teamwork than on equipment or even the talent of individual players. A well-organized team performing collectively can defeat a team whose players are not united, even if individual members of the puzzled team have better skills and gear. Communication is key to a victor team, and often presence of mind and teamwork help to win in paintball game. Paintball games are also played through online in computers or playing devices which are most linked by the children. Online paintball sports or games are famous among children and elders too.