Outdoor Sports

Outdoor sports are the sports that include all the games playing under the open sky with no roof cover. In simple words, every sport which the players played outside is known as Outdoor Sports. This all are the world class famous sports, and having a lot of fans in all over the World.

I am going to describe some of this Outdoor Sports :
  • Soccer/ Football:
  • This is the most common and famous sports in the world. This is a sport which is popular almost everywhere. It includes pool swimming as well as open water swimming as its contents. Ian Thorpe is the World Class Swimmer of Australia, who shows tremendous performance in this sport. He won lots of medals for his Country in Olympics.

  • Cricket:
  • Alike Soccer, Cricket is also a World famous Outdoor Sport, whether a one day game or the test match, again playing specially between 2 teams in one match having 11 players each side. This is long game and playing for around 8 hours per day. Countries who are not playing in this Sport also like to enjoy watching this sport.

  • Hockey:
  • This game is very much similar to the Soccer, but the basic difference is that this is played by the Hockey Sticks, Aim of the teams are same to shot goal against opposition. And the time limit is 70 minutes in this game.This is rugby played under water with a ball that has been rendered neutrally buoyant. It is very much famous in Europe and Australia.

  • Cycling/Car/ Bike Racing
  • This type of outdoor sports includes cycling, motor sports like car racing, bike racing , etc. Nowadays this is also very famous in the sports world. Michael Shumaker is the World Class Car Racer, and nowadays there are lots of new sportsmen coming to promote this sport.

  • Baseball:
  • This is also a very common as well as popular water sports which is playing mostly all over the world.

    Benefit of this kind sport is that, it is a great income earning source for the country as well as the players. As this sport is always organized outdoor, hence there is more and more space available for the sport fans, as well as good income from tickets too. These kinds of sports are very much popular in media also; Sports Channel like ESPN, Star Sports, Ten Sports, etc. shows the live telecast of mostly every International Outdoor Sport and earns a lot by this, even this kind of publicity by media promotes Outdoor Sports.

    To make these outdoor sports popular as a Profession, there are lots of institutes that started outdoor sports courses. Outdoor sports instructors teach people to participate safely in a vast range of activities: Water sports (BCU training, surfing, diving, sailing etc); Mountain sports (Climbing, MLTB training and cycling); Winter sports (Snowboarding, skiing); And Traditional sports (Football, cricket, rugby etc). Even this kind of sport helps a lot to the participant in health, fitness, and energetic. I think, you all are great fans of outdoor sports, and hence you enjoyed a lot by watching this game. But for fun or leisure, you can play these outdoor games as it is very beneficial to you. This helps in make yourself fit, fast recovery from injuries, helps in reducing weight, make you energetic, etc. So, not only watch this sport, even always try to be a part of this kind of sport.