One Day International Cricket

  • The sports calendar year 2008 will see some great moments having scheduled some great series like ICC Champions Trophy, China joining the Asian International Cricket Teams, and other eye catching moments.
  • The year 2008 will be more for one day internationals rather than tests with BCCI cutting down one test from their series in the late session of the year for more One Day Internationals (ODI).

Let’s have a look at the various cricket matches, teams playing and the more of transmission of the games.

Cricket Matches

  • The year 2008 will witness a lot of one day internationals being played between different teams.
  • All cricket fans will have a good year to enjoy a lots cricket matches being played between their favorite teams. In February and March South Africa tours Bangladesh for 3 one day international matches and 2 tests.
  • Immediately after that they have a test series with India in the latter's homeland. There will be no one day cricket matches.
  • When comes the big one between Australia taking on India only for tests in the month of October 2008.
  • The greatest event of the year off course will be the ICC Champions Trophy held in Pakistan in September 2008.
  • By the end of November and December England will play 2 tests and 7 ODIs with India in India itself.
  • Another great event may occur called Asia Cup.
  • Series

  • When we talk of series of cricket we mean some great one of them like Ashes, World Cup and others.
  • The year 2008 will have no such series.
  • Only the schedules are made to play between two or three countries with small events. The only big event will be off course the ICC Champions Trophy where all the teams of International Cricket will participate.
  • Most of the teams will play in home or tour a country or two for different ODIs to be held.

Asia International

  • A great event will take place this year 2008 in One Day Internationals with China joining the Asian cricket family later in November to become one of the members of Asia International teams.
  • The Asia Cricket Council has announced that China is serious about this sport now and the chief executive of ACC has declared that the Chinese officials have themselves approached him to convey their message that they were interested.
  • Though they have not yet come up with a team but their entry to Asia Cricket Council will be a great event.

Live Cricket:

  • All the one day internationals played in 2008 will have live telecast by different television channels.
  • The distribution rights are on sale and various channels have already received the right to relay the transmission of the one dayinternationals taking place in this year. So you can enjoy live cricket in 2008 sitting in front of your TV.
  • The live updates of cricket are also available through some websites.


The teams which will be participating in various series in 2008 are :

  • Australia,
  • Bangladesh,
  • England,
  • India,
  • South Africa,
  • Sri Lanka,
  • Pakistan,
  • West Indies
  • Kenya.

The ICC Champions Trophy may see other teams like:

  • Holland,
  • Bermuda
  • Others joining the series but they are not participating in any other major one day international series.

International One day Series:

  • Many one day internationals are scheduled to be played between different teams.
  • Some of them will organize in their homes and others will travel.
  • This year countries like Australia, New Zealand, and India are hosting most of the one day international cricket games.
  • Pakistan too will be hosting some major series, ICC champion’s trophy being one. Some remarkable series will be off course the tour of Pakistan to Australia, tour of West Indies to Australia by March and March April end respectively.

Thus, with all these matches and series the year 2008 will be a great year for one day internationals to be played. Though there will be Test Series but people are looking forward more to the joyful events of ODI.