Olympic Games

Olympic Games are the most famous watching game in the world and most number of countries participated in these games. There are lots and lots of games organized in Olympics. And every game is proud to be a part of Olympics. An Olympics game has most number of spectators all over the world.

These games are organized after every four years. History says that the first International Olympics sport was organized in 1896 at Athens, Greece. Nine sports was organized in first Summer Olympics in 1896, that are Tennis, Wrestling, Swimming, Cycling, Athletics, Shooting, Weightlifting, Fencing and Gymnastics, and though these games are stills the parts of Olympic games, and still known as one of the famous games.

1896 Olympics has 14 nations as his playing members, but in last Olympics that were held in 2004 at Athens, there were 202 nations. As the statistics clearly shows how these Olympic games are popular all over the world, and every country wants to participate in any of the sport of Olympics.

Even media also plays very vital role in promotion of these Olympic games, as they cover each and every sport of these games; show it to the spectators all over world. There are lots and lots of media coverage in Olympics and all events of Olympics, all countries media or sports channels are present there for broadcasting the games in their countries and they earn good and handsome money by showing these sports in their country. Even in newspaper too all the sports pages and even sometimes-front page is completely cover with Olympic news. Day before starting the Olympic there is a ceremony known as Inauguration ceremony where each country and their all participant show their appearance in the stadium. Similarly after completion of Olympic games, there is an ending ceremony where again all these participants represent them with their country flag and the winning medals

If we are talking about Olympic sports, than we have also to discuss the position of India in these games. How they are performing in various sports of Olympics! India first introduced to Olympics in the year 1900 at Paris, and Mr. Norman bagged two medals for India in its very first Olympics, which shows how much dashing start of India in the Olympic. Though after that Indians are not so lucky to win the medals for some years. In the year 1928, India first time wins a gold in Hockey, and becomes one of world champion in Hockey, in every Olympic till 1956, India remains the Champion of the Hockey sports.

Apart from hockey and few athletic activities, Indian record is not so good in the History of Olympics, even our hockey players performance is going down day by day, which we don’t have a good hockey time, and from past many years we are not be able to win any title in Hockey. But from past few years the young generation shows some spirit and makes some hope, which shows that there may be a good time coming of Indian Participants in Olympics. In 1996, Leander Pace grabs bronze medal in Tennis, and highlight India. In last Olympics in 2004, India again maintains to grab just a single Silver medal in Shooting thanks to Rajyavardhan Rathore. So, this is all the history of Indians in Olympics, but still we are hoping for the best in coming Olympics as many of the talented participants are expected to grab the medals in coming time.

Above are mine views and thinking about world most popular games “Olympic Games” where I had tried to give a brief history of Olympics, role of Media, how much it is popular, and role of Indian in Olympic games. Like me, I think you people are also good fans of Olympic Fans and hence hoping that you all are satisfied with the above discussions.