It is a few months to go before the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games kicks off and China is upbeat to hold the first Games in the country. Hectic preparations are on and special efforts are being made to make Olympic Games very unique.The image elements for the Beijing Olympic Games are complete and it symbolizes the spirit very well.

Olympic Village

The Olympic Village has been designed in such a way so that it becomes an environment-friendly home for athletes and officials, where they will get to see China's culture and their living conditions. Once the Olympic Games are over, the village will become a residential community.

The Olympic Village is likely to open a couple of weeks before the start of the Olympic Games. By that time, 16,000 Olympic athletes and 7,000 Paralympic athletes, along with Games officials, will stay in the Village and avail services ranging from boarding to recreation and entertainment. The total floor area in the Olympic Village is 370,000 square meters. All of them have permanent structures, including 22 six-storey buildings and 20 nine-storey buildings. The Olympic Village in Beijing will house the largest number of athletes.


The emblem for Paralympic Olympics has been dubbed as "Sky, Earth and Human Beings." Emblem is a stylized figure of an athlete in motion, which is significant of a disabled person trying to make in sports and real life.


The mascot for the Paralympics are cows, a symbol of a down-to-earth, diligent, staunch and never-say-die spirit.

Olympic Stadium

The seating capacity in the Olympic Stadium is close to 80,000. These are off course the fixed seats having a width of 500mm width of seats and 850mm depth. If required, another 20,740 seats can be added in both the south and the north stands. Once the Olympic Games are over, olympic stadium will offer 11,300 square meters of service room which can be developed further. When the roof is open, the open-air area is 32,000 square meters. The ultra-modern roof, especially the lowest layer, is made of fixed aluminium composite board. Special efforts have been made to have the upper two layers retractable. This will be one of the most modern olympic stadiums in the world. Olympic stadium is special because it has superb impact resistance and sound absorption.


Though work is going on very fast, the village is likely to be completed by the end of 2007. The apartments are likely to be auctioned even before the Olympic Games begin. Once the Olympic Games are completed, the Village will turn into a residential community and given back to the owners.

Olympic Pool

According to International Olympic Association norms, the size of an Olympic pool should be 25 metres by 50 metres. That's about 5,511,556 lbs (2755.8 tons) of water. But, the term Olympic-sized pool is often misused by hotels, and real estate advertisements.

Olympic Games

Olympic Games include Aquatics, Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Canoe / kayak, Cycling, Equestrian, Fencing, Football, Gymnastics, Handball, Hockey, Judo, Modern Pentathlon, Rowing, Sailing, Shooting, Softball, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Triathlon, Volleyball, Weightlifting and Wrestling.