OFC Champions League 2016

OFC (Oceania Football Confederation) Champion League is also called as O-League. It is the premier football competition in Oceania and is organized by National Football Association. This Oceania Football Confederation is situated at 12 Maurice Road, Penrose in Auckland, New Zealand. OFC has 11 member associations for supporting economically and logistically through different programs.

Since 2007, present format has been followed by the Oceania Club Championship's predecessor. In OFC league, five titles have been won by New Zealand teams while other title was won by another country. The league conducted in 2009-2010, Papua New Guinea championship was won the match by defeating New Zealand team.

OFC is the smallest confederation in the world’s six Confederations and also one of the active participants in the FIFA football community along with:

  • AFC in Asia
  • CAF in Africa
  • CONCACAF in North/Central America and the Caribbean
  • CONMEBOL in South America
  • UEFA in Europe

Initially, this tournament was played as a single playoff competition in between New Zealand and Australia. This tournament was held in 1987 and the inaugural season was won by Adelaide City FC. Again this tournament was started after 12 years and which was held in Fijian cities of Nadi and Lautoka in 1999. In this tournament nine teams were participated and South Melbourne FC has won the trophy. They are also qualified for next year's FIFA Club World Cup. Next match was held after two years and again Australian team has won the title. OFC decided to change format of the match and name, hence next edition will be called as OFC Champions League.

The 2013–14 OFC Champions League (2014 O-League), is the 13th edition of the Oceania Cup. This tournament was conducted by the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC). Auckland City is the defending champions.  The winner of this tournament will get the chance to represent the OFC at the 2014 FIFA Club World Cup. The winner and runner-up will also eligible for participating in OFC President's Cup, which will also include two teams from the Asian Football Confederation and two additional invitational sides, planned for 17–23 November 2014.


OFC Champions League

OFC Champions League held between 15 teams. Champion of FFAS Senior League, Cook Islands Round Cup, Samoa National League and Tonga Major League enter in the preliminary stage. In this stage 4 teams played with each other team in round-robin system and highest points leading team in the table will qualify for group stage and join with other 11 teams i.e., Fiji National Football League champion and runner-up, ASB Premiership grand final champion, ASB Premiership regular season runner-up, Tahiti First Division champion and regular phase winner, Vanuatu National Super League champion and runner-up, New Caledonia Division Honneur champion, Papua New Guinea National Soccer League champion and Telekom S-League champion.

In the group stage total 12 teams divided into 3 groups each group have 4 teams. Each group plays with other teams in that group in round-robin basis. Winner of the team get 3 points and if the match draws each team gets1 point. The team with highest leading points in the points table of the group qualifies for semi-finals. From three groups, the teams with highest leading points will qualify for semi-final and 4th team will chosen among 9 teams, which leads highest points. Four teams play semi-finals and opponent chooses through draw. Semi-finals play in two legs in home and away basis. Winners of semi-finals teams play OFC Champion league final in home and away basis two legs. Winner of this tournament qualifies for FIFA Club World Cup.

OFC Champions League 2016


Stage Host country Venues Round Dates
Preliminary stage Cook Islands CIFA Academy Field, Matavera
Takitumu School, Matavera
Matchday 1 26 January 2016
Matchday 2 28 January 2016
Matchday 3 30 January 2016
Final stage
(Group stage &
Knock-out stage)
New Zealand TBA, Auckland
TBA, Wellington
Matchday 1 8–10 April 2016
Matchday 2 11–13 April 2016
Matchday 3 15–17 April 2016
Semi-finals 20 April 2016
Final 23 April 2016

OFC Champions League 2014 - 15

2014-15 Draw / Schedule

Stage Date
Preliminary stage
(Host: Samoa)
Matchday 1 7 October 2014
Matchday 2 9 October 2014
Matchday 3 11 October 2014
Group stage (Host: Fiji) 17–26 April 2015
Semi-finals (Home-and-away) TBA
Final (Home-and-away) TBA

2014-15 Teams

Association Team Qualifying method
Teams Entering the Group Stage
Fiji Suva 2014 Fiji National Football League champion
Ba 2014 Fiji National Football League runner-up
New Zealand Auckland City 2013–14 ASB Premiership grand final champion
2013–14 ASB Premiership regular season premier
Team Wellington 2013–14 ASB Premiership regular season runner-up
Tahiti Pirae 2013–14 Tahiti First Division champion
  2014–15 Tahiti First Division regular phase winner
Vanuatu Tafea 2014 Vanuatu National Super League champion
Amicale 2014 Vanuatu National Super League runner-up
New Caledonia Gaïtcha 2013 New Caledonia Division Honneur champion
Papua New Guinea Hekari United 2014 Papua New Guinea National Soccer League champion
Solomon Islands   2014–15 Telekom S-League champion
Teams Entering the Preliminary Stage
American Samoa SKBC 2013 FFAS Senior League champion
Cook Islands Puaikura 2013 Cook Islands Round Cup champion
Samoa Lupe ole Soaga 2012–13 Samoa National League champion
Tonga Lotoha'apai United 2013 Tonga Major League champion


Club Championship Era Records

Biggest Win

  • Central United Football Club defeated Lotoha'apai United Football Club by 16-0.
  • South Coast Wolves Football Club strike Loto Ha'apai United Football Club by 16-0 (2001).

 Highest Scoring Game

  • Malaita Eagles Football Club beat Konica Machine Football Club by 14-2 in1999.
  • Central United Football Club defeated Lotoha'apai United Football with 16-0 (1999).
  • In 2001 Lotoha'apai United Football Club beat South Coast Wolves Football Club by 0-16.

Most Goals Scored in a Season

  • In 2001, The South Coast Wolves Football Club - 43 goals (7 games).

Most goals Conceded in a season

  • Lotoha'apai United Football Club - 42 goals (5 games) (2001).

Most games Won in Row

  • South Coast Wolves Football Club won 7 games in a row in single OFC Champions League tournament.

Most Games Lost in Row - Lotoha'apai United Football Club (10 games).

Most games without losing

  • Wollongong Wolves (7 games).

Most Games without Winning

  • Lotoha'apai United Football Club - 10 games.

Most Games Played

  • Tafea Football Club is a soccer team played 18 games.

Champions League Era Records

Biggest Win

  • Waitakere United football club defeated Tefana football club by 10-0 (2011-2012).
  • Auckland City Football Club win over Mont-Dore by 12-2 (2012-2013).

Highest Scoring game

  • Auckland City Football Club defeated A.S. Mont-Dore by 12-2 (2012-2013).

Goals that have been scored mostly in a season by Auckland City Football Club are 25 (2012 and 2013)

Goals that have been conceded mostly in a season by A.S. Mont-Dore are 26 goals in 2012 and 2013.

Most Games won in row - Auckland City Football Club won 9 games (from 21 February 2011 to 31 March 2012).
Most games lost in row - Mont-Dore lose 8 games, from 3 December 2011 to 23 April 2013.
Most games without losing

  • Auckland City Football Club - 27 games (from 20 February 2008 - 4 March 2012).

Most games without winning

  • AS Mont-Dore - 16 games and 0-2-14 record.

Most games played

  • Auckland City and Waitakere United football clubs - 46 games and only football teams to participate in every Champions League tournament.

Most goals scored - Auckland City (125 goals)

Most games with Goal scored in a row

  • The team scored atleast one goal in row - Auckland City Football Club (27 games) (from 28 March 2008 to 31 March 2012).

Most goals conceded -Waitakere United (57 goals).

Most games with goal conceded in a row

  • Mont-Dore (16 games); scored in every game they played in the tournament.

Player’s Records

Club Championship era

Most goals scored

  • Sasho Petrovski (17), Wollongong Wolves (13) and Sydney FC (4).

Most goals scored in a single game

  • Wollongong Wolves football player Sasho Petrovski (7 goals), in 16-0 win over Lotha'apai (2001).

Most goals scored in a season

  • Wollongong Wolves football player Sasho Petrovski -13 goals (2001)

Champions League era

Most Goals scored

  • Roy Krishna (Waitakere United Football Club) - 17 goals.

Most goals scored in a single game

  • Roy Krishna Fijian association football player scored 5 goals for Waitakere United Football Club, in Waitakere United v Association Sportive tefana football club by 10 -0 (2011-2012)

Most goals scored in a season

  • Sanni Issa  Nigerian Football Player scored 9 goals for BA football club (2012-2013)

Past Winners

Season Winner Score Runner-up
1987 Adelaide City 1 – 1 a.e.t (4–1 pen) Mount Wellington
1999 South Melbourne FC 5 – 1 Nadi F.C.
2000–01 Wollongong Wolves 1 – 0 Tafea F.C.
2004–05 Sydney FC 2 – 0 AS Magenta
2006 Auckland City FC 3 – 1 AS Pirae
2007 Waitakere United 2–2 (a) 4R Electrical Ba
2007–08 Waitakere United 6–3 Kossa FC
2008–09 Auckland City FC 9–4 Koloale FC Honiara
2009–10 PRK Hekari United 4–2 Waitakere United
2010–11 Auckland City 6–1 Amicale FC
2011–12 Auckland City FC 3–1 Tefana
2012–13 Auckland City FC 2–1 Waitakere United
2013–14 Auckland City FC 3-2 Amicale FC
2014-15 Auckland City  1 - 1 ( 4-3) Team Wellington