NCAA College Football 2016

College Football is Gridiron football. Gridiron is a form of football primarily played with American Footballers and Canadian Footballer. The participants in the College Football are a part of American Universities, Military Academics, Colleges or Canadian Football played by teams of student athletes from Canadian Universities.


The game was first brought to Canada by the British Soldiers. The game was consumed by the British and Europeans along while ago in the early eighteenth century. The first game was brought in with British soldiers verses Canadian Civilians in the early 1850s. The first ever College Football was played in between Princeton university and Rutgers University, at Rutgers venue and won by Rutgers which was played under the rules.

Walter Camp so called the “Father of American Football”, which is transformed from variation game into a Unique Sport.
Colleges teams compete in according to the team size or school size and based on it the NCAA found to organize NCAA’s Divisional System. There are three types of division that collaborate with respect to the Institutional gains.

Division I: The Following generally groups consist of larger budgets of major collegiate athletic powers. The following division has more elaborate facilities and more athletic scholarships.

Football in Division I are further classified into Bowl Subdivision and the Championship Subdivision. Historically, Bowl Subdivision has never organized a tournament to determine its champion. In the meanwhile they compete in postseason Bowl Games.

Division II: Division consists of smaller private and public institutions which offer less number of scholarships and facilities than those of Division I.

Division III: The following are up with field teams and institutions that do not offer scholarship and with no elaborated facilities.

The following are Organizations that operate in college football programs outside the NCAA Jurisdiction.

National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, National Junior College Athletic Association, Club Football (National Club Football Association and Intercollegiate Sprint Football League) and College Sprint Football League.

NCAA Playoffs:

In every season four teams from the Division I FBS will be selected to compete in playoffs for the FBS National Championship at the end of the regular season.

In the Division I FCS level 24 teams will participate in playoffs to determine the champion. The venue for the playoffs is chosen according to the bid from the schools.

NCAA Salary:

The games that are played under the NCAA College Football doesn't include payment but they were given away rewards in the College academics. There are lot of speculations and controversies regarding the income that is received by the colleges, with most of it being taken away by the coach and Institutions.

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