NCAA College Football Tickets 2016

NCAA College Football – High demand for tickets

Trying to understand the popularity of college football is not easy. Fans usually support their home team and college and interested in their progress. To start with, there are 4 levels in the NCAA – the most level is the Bowl Subdivision. There are three other levels – the Championship Subdivision, Division 2 and 3. The FBS has 124 teams in all, split into 11 conferences.

Confusing? For sure. There are 4 schools not associated with any of the conferences. The other 120 teams are split up into major and minor conferences.

Overall Goal:

The goal of each team is to finish the playing season in 1st or 2nd place to reach the Bowl Championship Series. Depending on how they do in the play offs, the best teams get to play in the National Championship Game. BCS rankings are very important. These rankings are chosen by fan votes and a computer based algorithm.

Why tickets are in demand:

Good rankings in college games help schools attract good student athletes and others. It also helps man amateur players get into the big leagues. Tickets can be bought through the college or Ticket Master and other websites. The atmosphere on game day in a stadium is really exciting and a way for other students and fans to bond. It is cheaper to buy season tickets instead of individual ones. Individual tickets are more expensive than season passes - almuni are offered discounted season passes.