NBA Rosters 2016

The rules say the team has been limited to 13 players that include 12 active and 1 inactive players for the season, while few teams exceed the limit and make it to 15 players or 17 players to a max. If a player is injured then the following player has to be rested for a minimum of 5 games. If the team wants to let in a new player then they have to let free one of the players from the team. The count of 13 players is legal for seasonal game and can extend to 15 or 17 in an non seasonal game. In the list of 13 seasonal players for the team, there must be 8 guaranteed players followed by the rest with unguaranteed players.

Please switch to the latest updates on 2015 NBA rosters by team which has small amount of player shifts from individual groups and not much major transportation are done as of now.

Atlantic Pacific
Boston Celtics Golden State Warriors
Brooklyn Nets Los Angeles Clippers
New York Knicks Los Angeles Lakers
Philadelphia 76ers Phoenix Suns
Toronto Raptors Sacramento Kings
Central Southwest
Chicago Bulls Dallas Mavericks
Cleveland Cavaliers Houston Rockets
Detroit Pistons Memphis Grizzlies
Indiana Pacers New Orleans Hornets
Milwaukee Bucks San Antonio Spurs
Southeast Northwest
Atlanta Hawks Denver Nuggets
Charlotte Bobcats Minnesota Timberwolves
Miami Heat Oklahoma City Thunder
Orlando Magic Portland Trail Blazers
Washington Wizards Utah Jazz