Mountain Biking

  • Mountain biking is basically a sport of riding bicycles off-road, on coarse and bumpy terrains with specially manufactured mountain bikes for adventurous fun.
  • The adventurous sport of mountain biking primarily originated in the 1970s.
  • The sport is very popular and needs to have extremely good bike handling skills.
  • The mountain bikes are heavier, wider tires and stronger than standard cycles to support the kind of topography.

Types of Mountain Biking

There are many types of mountain biking.

  • Cross-country is the most popular kind of mountain biking and there point to point biking in a loop is including different types of terrains.
  • Dirt jumping is the sport of riding bikes over mounds of soil and dirt.
  • Downhill is the practice of riding mountain bikes downhill.
  • Trail riding is fun sport of hopping and jumping bikes over hurdles.

Mountain Biking Gear

  • Mountain biking gear is the selection of the gears in mountain bikes for maximum efficiency and comfort while riding the bikes on rough terrains.
  • There are different types and range of gears available as per the choice of the riding sport.
  • It is comfortable to use a high gear when riding downhill, a medium gear when riding on a flat terrain and a low gear should be used when riding a bicycle uphill.

Mountain Biking Beginners

  • Mountain biking beginners need to learn some important skills before they start this exciting sport.
  • There are mountain biking trainers who impart training.
  • The skills can be practiced at a local park, school, bike path, or any safe location in your neighborhood.
  • The very first step is to wear a helmet before biking. There are many comfortable and modern helmets available in wide range.
  • Some other safety tools and accessories are :
    • cycling gloves,
    • some sort of hydration system like a water bottle ,
      • sunglasses for eye protection,
      • bike shorts with extra padding,
      • sunscreen,
      • a shirt made of cotton
      • Other cooler fabrics.
  • Mountain Bike Shoes should be carefully selected to keep you comfortable and enhance pedaling efficiently.
  • Trail repair kit is one of the most important accessories in case of urgency.

Mountain biking history

  • Mountain biking history can be dated back to 1970’s when the mountain biking primarily originated.
  • There were several groups of mountain bikers in different areas of U.S.A who claimed the origination or the birth of the sport from them.
  • However, a group in Marin County, California is recognized by the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame to have played a major role in the birth of the sport.
  • This group members were Joe Breeze, Otis Guy, Gary Fisher, and keith Bontrager and many others.

Mountain Biking Tours

  • There are many tour operators who are organizing the mountain biking tours in different advetourous and exciting locations.
  • For instance, Cycling and trekking tour operator of Nepal, are arranging the mountain cycling in Nepal, Lhasa and Kathmandu. Pacific Cycle Tours New Zealand offers mountain biking and road cycling tours of Newzealand, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile & Vietnam.
  • These operators also focus on exercise and relaxation while riding, enjoying the beauty of the landscape.
  • They organize tours for both the beginners and experienced cyclist participants.
  • All tours are accompanied by mini bus and trailer so that you can rest when you want. They also carry the luggage for you in these vehicles.
  • The operators are responsible for the arrangements of catering and accommodation.

Utah Mountain Biking

  • Utah mountain biking refers to the cycling sport in the mountains of Utah and Wyoming.
  • There are any mountain biking operators organizing the riding tours in these locations.
  • The location offers a variety of terrains for biking. Diverse terrain and landscape makes Utah a perfect biking sport location.

Mountain Biking Magazine

  • Mountain biking magazine is a magazine that contains all the valuable information for the mountain biking enthusiasts.
  • It carries the details of almost all kind of mountain bikes available and more about the exclusive range offers.
  • You can gather information about the indespensible equipments and accessories for biking from the magazine.
  • Every new invention of the mountain bikes is published for the readers on time.
  • So, it is very informative for the beginners as well as the experienced cyclists