Motor Cycle Racing

Motor cycle racing is a highly competitive game in which highly skilled players who are trained in motorcycling compete against each other for the final victory. Competitions held in motor cycle racing can be on the road or off the road.In order to participate and compete in motor cycle racing at a professional level, rider must enroll into motor cycle training schools to learn how to play at this sport, which can be dangerous if not well-handled.

On Road Events

Road Racing

Here riders compete on the tarmac in closed public roads or on circuits.

Drag Racing

Racing happen in a racing venue, in which the participants have to draw up at a dragstrip. When the starting signal is given, speed down the paved track and the rider who comes first is the winner the time taken and the speed of the rider is recorded during the event.

Hill Climb

Here riders have to face the challenge of riding a top hill road, within the shortest possible time frame. The event usually happens on closed public roads and private roads.


This is a very exciting motor cycle racing event, where rider has to check across various check point that are in different location and at the same time he should follow traffic rules, while getting to the finish line.


Riders compete with each other in either closed circuits or in temporary venues and the race exists across a mix of road and dirt courses.

Land Speed

Riders compete with each other on a 1 to 3 mile long straight track and have to get through trap at top speed at the end of the course.

Off Road


Riders compete on a closed circuit, but the race happens off road. Riders start on a start line so there is this destruction derby" fashion encounter round the first corner. Bikes can also jump across the areas where this is required.


Enduro sport focuses on the rider's endurance. Usually the ride is a 10plus mile lap consisting of various stages and the rider has to compete in each stage within a specific period of time. Some laps can be very tight while others go a little slower, allowing time for the rider to recuperate along the track. The terrain can be varied with even forest areas being included. The race goes on for about 3 to 4 hours and can also go on for longer as well.


Here the rider must ride through an observed section without putting their foot down on the racing track. The winner is the rider with the least number of penalty points.