Major League Baseball 2008

History and Origin of Baseball

History of Baseball

Since time immemorial, “stick and ball” games have been a part of every civilization. Baseball, which is now the national sport of America and an important part of American culture.

  • Baseball sports originated from a stick and ball game.
  • Is said to have been invented in 1839 by Abner Doubleday who belonged to Cooperstown, a small village in New York.
  • However, there has been documentation of baseball game in many literary texts and stories much earlier than that.
  • baseball initially known as the “New York Game”.
  • Alexander J. Cartwright, a member of the New York Knickerbocker Club, laid the rules of the baseball game for the first time.
  • In June 19, 1846 first official baseball game was held.
International Popularity for Major League Baseball(MLB) Sports

Being one of the world’s top-ten popular sports, base ball has avid fans and followers in the following regions:

  • United States of America(Major League Baseball)
  • South America
  • Caribbean
  • East and South-east Asia
Evolution of the Major League Baseball Sport

Since the 1950’s Baseball has undergone a number or transformations to become the sport as we know it today. Here is a comparison of some of the baseball game rules then and now

Past(before 1950's) Present(After 1950's)
Batters “out” after 4 strikes Batters “out” after 3 strikes
Pitchers could change the ball Pitchers cannot change the ball.
Strike zone extended from armpits to above the knees. The strike zone is much smaller now
Pitching was more relaxed If a pitcher throws four balls the batter gets a free run.
Other rules in modern-day Major League Baseball are
  • Wearing a protective helmet is compulsory
  • There are two equal divisions in the Major league baseball as American League (AL) and Major League Baseball National League (NL).
  • Each major league baseball(MLB) comprises of three divisions- East, West and Central.
  • In American league of Major League Baseball, a set-off player only gets to hit but not field.
  • The highest scoring second place team gets to participate in the play-off matches.
  • Four teams participate in the play-offs from each league out of which three are the regular season division winners and one is the wild-card team.
  • Play-offs finally culminate into the World-Series.
  • According to the tradition in Major League Baseball National League, the pitcher is requires to bat.
  • In the Major League Baseball American League an extra player bats in place of the pitcher.
  • Every Major League Baseball(MLB) has several minor leagues under it in order to encourage new talent.

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Major League Baseball Awards (MLB Awards)
MLB Rookie Of The Year Awards
MLB Most Valuable Players Award
MLB Manager OF The Year Awards
MLB Gold Glove Awards
MLB CY Young Awards
MLB Silver Slugger Awards
MLB Player Of The Year Awards

Major League Baseball 2008

History of Major League Baseball
  • The first Major League Baseball(MLB) All-Star Game was played on July 6, 1933 at Comiskey Park in Chicago.
  • The major league baseball(MLB) event was the brainchild of Arch Ward, sports editor at Chicago Tribune.
  • The major league baseball(MLB) occasion was held on the same day as Chicago’s Century of Progress Exposition.
  • Prior to that “Midsummer Classic” was the most awaited event for baseball enthusiasts.
Selection of Major League baseball Teams
  • For the first two years, the baseball major league All-star teams were selected by the managers as well as the fans.
  • From 1935 to 1946, the entire major league baseball(MLB) selection process was done solely by the managers of major league baseball.
  • Thereafter, for the next 10 years, the major league baseball(MLB) team selection was done by fans while the managers of major league baseball(MLB) only chose the player designations.
  • From 1958 to 1969, the major league baseball(MLB) team selections were made collectively by managers of major league baseball, fans and coaches of major league baseball.
  • Today, since 1970, fans have been making the major league baseball(MLB) team selections.

Major League Baseball - Sports

The Major League Baseball Set-up
  • The Baseball game is played with a bat and a ball
  • There are two teams pitted against each other with nine players each.
  • The field is in the shape of a diamond with four marked corners called “bases”
  • The dimensions of the square are ninety feet on each side.
How the Major League Baseball Game Goes
  • A run is scored by the batting team by hitting the ball with a bat and touching all the four bases.
  • After every three outs, the teams switch sides.
  • One batting turn is called an “inning”.
  • A single game has nine innings.
  • Each inning is divided into two halves called the “top” and “bottom” respectively.
  • The team that plays defense first is called the “home” team.
  • In the defensive team, one player called the “pitcher” stands in the centre on the diamond on a rubber plate called the “mound” and a “catcher” stands behind the home-plate
  • Four defensive players arrange themselves between the bases and three stand on the outfield.
  • A "season" comprises of several months and is played by a group of teams, called a league.
  • The team with the most runs at the end of the season is the season’s winning team
Wild Card Team
  • The wild-card team is the team that has not qualified to the play-off by normal play.
  • These teams make it to the play-offs without winning in the sub-division games.
  • In Major League Baseball, the wild-card team is the one that scores the best record among all the second-place teams in the division.
  • The tradition of wild-card teams in Major League Baseball(MLB) started in 1995.
  • A wild-card team is required to give up the home-field advantage in its Division Series and the League Championship Series .
  • They may however get the home-field advantage back in the World Series.
  • In Major League Baseball(MLB), teams in the same division are not allowed to play each other in the Division Series.

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Major League Baseball Gear

Playing baseball requires the following basic equipment:

  • baseball bat made of wood or aluminum,
  • A baseball ball- hard or soft, depending on the game,
  • leather mitt for defense, and
  • A diamond shaped patch for a field.

However, owing to advancement and the different levels at which is the sport is played, baseball enthusiasts invest in many more baseball gear and accessories like:

  • Cleats or special footwear
  • Baseball Equipment bags
  • Baseball apparel and uniforms
  • Baseball Batting helmets
  • Baseball Batting Gloves
  • Baseball Protective gear
  • Baseball Scorebooks and scorecards
  • Umpire’s equipment
  • Catcher’s equipment
Rules of Major League Baseball(MLB)
  • An offensive player or “hitter” attempts to score a run by hitting the ball and touching all four bases in a counter-clockwise order before returning to home-plate.
  • If the batter is hit by the pitched ball, he wins the right to run which is called a “walk”.
  • If the hitter fails to hit the ball, the catcher returns it to the pitcher.
  • If the batter hits a ball so that it goes out of the play-field or fails to hit it at all, it is called a “strike”.
  • If the ball goes beyond the boundary of the out field, it is called a “home-run” wherein all the offensive players can score a run.
  • When a batter is making a tour of the bases, he is called a “runner” and is said to be “safe” when he reaches a base.
Number of Ways a Player Gets Out in Baseball

Defensive players in baseball can render an offensive player out in one of the following ways:

Strikeout: Strike out in major league baseball(MLB) occurs when the batter acquires three strikes before hitting the ball and never becomes the runner.

Ground out: when the batter hits the ball but a defensive player retrieves it after it has touched the ground and throws it to another defensive player standing on first base before the runner arrives there.

Force-out: when a runner is required to run to advance bases ahead of a teammate's hit but fails to reach it before a defensive player reaches the base with the ball.

Fly out: if a defensive player catches a hit ball before it touches the ground, the runner is declared out, wherever he may be.

Tag out: Between bases, if a runner is touched by the ball held by a defensive player, he is put out.

1 - Pitcher; 2 - Catcher; 3 - 1st Base; 4 - 2nd Base; 5 - 3rd Base; 6 - Shortstop; 7 - Left Field; 8 - Center Field; 9 - Right Field

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Major League Baseball Scorekeeping

Major league baseball(MLB) scoring is done for one batter at a time. Each cell in the game card contains a lifetime record of an offensive player (batter or runner). Different connotations are made for outs, reaching base, advancing, scoring a run, end of an innings, substitution etc.

Outs in Major League Baseball(MLB)
  • If a batter hits the ball to the shortstop, who throws the ball to the first baseman to force the first out, it is noted on the score sheet as 6-3, with 6 for shortstop and 3 for the first baseman and number 1 circled below the diamond.
  • If a batter hits a ball directly to a fielder who catches it (on the fly), it is noted as F followed by the fielder who catches it on the fly and with a circled number indicating whether first, second or thirdbatsmen is out.
  • If a batter is striked out, it is denoted as K. K is a standard notation for strike out.
  • If the batter fails to swing at the third strike, a "backward K" is used.
  • A slash drawn at lower right corner denotes end of an innings.
  • If a base runner or batter is caught stealing a base midway between the two bases, the base path between those two bases is filled halfway and then ended with a short stroke perpendicular to the base path. It is noted as CS (caught stealing) followed by two numbers (e.g. 2-6), 2 denoting second base and 6 denoting catcher.
Reaching Base in Major League Baseball 2008(MLB 2008)
  • If a batter reaches first base, either due to a walk or a hit, the base path from the home plate to first base is drawn, and the method by which the player reaches the base is described in lower right hand corner.
  • If a batter gets a base hit, 1B is written at lower right hand corner.
  • If a batter gets a walk, BB is written.
  • If the batter reaches base because of a dropped throw, the base path is drawn and E3 is written below.
  • If the batter moves from home directly to third base, i.e., base paths from home to first, first to second and second to third, 3B is written on upper left hand corner to indicate the runner did not advance on another hit.
Advancing in Baseball

If a runner advances a following batter, it is denoted by the batting position or the uniform number of the batter that advanced the runner.

Runs scored in major league baseball 2008(MLB 2008)
  • A runner must touch all 4 bases and cross all four base paths in order to score a run.
  • On completion, the Scorer draws a complete diamond and fills it in.
  • By filling it in, it's easier keep tracking the runs scored.

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Ending an innings in baseball

A slash is drawn diagonally across the lower right corner of the cell of the third out. When three players from the offensive team are put-out.

Major League Baseball 2008 Tickets Information

  • Tickets for the Major League Baseball(MLB) games may be obtained by either of the following ways:
    • Major league baseball 2008(ML 2008) On-site ticket purchase
    • Online buying of major league baseball 2008(MLB 2008) tickets
    • Through phone or fax
  • The major league baseball 2008 ticket inventory is updated on an hourly basis.
  • Major league baseball 2008(MLB 2008) tickets can be purchased online for all Major League games with the choice of favorite team.
  • The major league baseball 2008 ticket pricing depends largely on the game, playing teams and seats.