2012 London Olympics Water Polo Arena Venue

2012 London Olympics Water Polo Arena Key Facts

Sport: Water Polo, Olympic Games 
New or existing venue: New
Capacity: 5,000 
Temporary or permanent: Temporary

The Water Polo competition is at the temporary Water Polo Arena on the Olympic Park and it will host the Olympic Games. The main sport to be performed here is the Water Polo competition.

The Water Polo Arena is located South east corner of the Olympic Park. It is close to the Olympic Stadium which is along the Aquatics Centre.

About the Water Polo Arena

The construction of the Water Polo Arena started in spring 2011. The work is expected to finish before the 2012 Games. The preparations have started which will enhance the venue.

Water Polo Arena- at the time of the Games

The Water Polo Arena will be hosting women’s and men’s Water Polo competitions at the Olympic Games. There will be two pools- one would be a warm-up pool and the other a competition pool.

The Water Polo Arena and the Aquatics Centre will be adjacent in a compact area at the Olympic Park. Since the area is compact, the space will be used in the best way possible. The back-of-house will facilitate space for the broadcasters, security and catering which will be a common venue for both. This will help in enhancing the work and create less confusion as well as make it efficient.

Water Polo Arena- after the Games

Since the Water Polo Arena is a temporary venue, it will be taken off after the Games end. The elements that will be used in the venue will be relocated or probably reused at other places in the UK.