2012 London Olympics Velodrome Venue

2012 London Olympics Velodrome
Summer London Olympics Velodrome


Location A12, Stratford, London, England
Broke ground 2009
Built 2009-2011
Surface Siberian pine
Construction cost £105 million (velodrome only)
Architect Hopkins Architects, Grant Associates
Structural engineer Expedition Engineering,
Services engineer BDSP
Main contractors ISG
Capacity 6,000 (velodrome); 6,000 (BMX track)
Field dimensions 250 metres

2012 London Olympics Velodrome Key Facts


Capacity: 6,000
The Velodrome is a new, permanent venue.
Location: In the north of the Olympic Park

About Velodromes:

A velodrome is a pitch of cycling track. Velodrome is a well featured in the 2012 Olympic as many events will conducted in this pitch. Modern velodromes feature sharply depository oval tracks and these velodromes consist of two 180-degree circular bends linked by two straights bends and therefore it is somewhat difficult for players to ride there but it is made as per the technical aspects of the concerned games. Velodromes have a straight transition to the rounded turn through a modest easement bend and therefore players have to use critical tricks to survive in their riding.

Bicycles and Track design for Velodromes:

There are no brakes for the bicycles which are used for velodrome racing. The bicycles for velodrome racing have a single fixed rear gear, or cog and most importantly these bicycles do not have any freewheel too. Therefore, riders get tremendous speed while racing and they can avoid sudden braking as these bicycles allow riders to slow by pushing back against the pedals.

Specialized designers make modern velodromes giving much comprehensive look and technical fit. The Schuermann is the most famous name for the architect of modern velodromes as they have built more than 125 tracks worldwide.

Technical aspects of Velodromes:

Superelevation will be called when riders take banking turn. Velodromes also allow riders to keep their bikes relatively perpendicular to the surface while riding at speed and then they can continue riding otherwise they will fall down. Olympic racing will be very exciting to have a worth watch when racing conducted in velodromes. 2012 Olympic also have many games in velodromes and there is a stadium where velodromes are made for the racing purposes. Riders do not allow themselves to travel at full speed while racing in the velodromes because they have to see for win the match and hence surviving in the velodrome is very much necessary than going at full speed.

Velodrome Track construction:

The racing at velodromes may be indoors or outdoors as per the games rules. However, there are only indoor velodrome games as these are common but there are many outdoor velodrome racing in this 2012 Olympic. Outdoor velodrome racings are worth watch games as it includes tremendous excitement and enthusiasm.

Velodrome Race formats:

The rare formats of velodrome races are used generally which are typical events that consist of several races of varying distances and structures and therefore these games are very attractive. Scratch race is a kind of race which is played in velodrome where riders have to compete over a specified distance and the order of finish determines the winners. Points races allocate value to precise laps during a race and riders should take position in relation to the field and that leads the rider to be awarded for points. Elimination race is entitled as ‘devil take the hindmost’ which confiscate the last place rider from each lap until only three to five riders remain in the race and the final standing in the race will be the winner.

Madison races group up pairs of riders in a tag-team format as the name of this racing has been given on behalf of Madison Square Garden which forwards its teammate to make easy alternating sprints. Keirin races consist of pacing 6–9 riders with a motorcycle and this game cannot be played by bicycles. It finalizes the winner in the last lap and a half finish the track. Omnium competition is not a specific race, but a competition that ties races and events together and therefore this is very interesting.

Velodrome for 2012 Olympic:

Manchester velodrome will conduct many grandeur racings in velodromes in 2012 Olympic. The track of Manchester velodrome was officially inaugurated on Tuesday, with Brailsford, British Cycling's performance director made this inauguration. He said while inaugurating Manchester velodrome, "It really is a fantastic venue and with seating all round it will be brilliant for the fans and that noise will be great for the home riders. What's also good is that it's the first velodrome since Seoul in 1988 to be on the main Olympic site, which is ideal.”