2012 London Olympics Torch Relay

The London Olympics Torch Relay spreads the message of the London 2012 Games, and the celebrations and the preparations have already begun for the upcoming event. It also spreads the message to get inspired to lead up to the Opening Ceremony.

Olympic Torch Relay

The London Olympics Torch relay holds a lot of significance in the Game. The Olympic Flame is a prominent symbol of the Olympic Games. It represents peace, unity and friendship. In its journey through the UK, it spreads the spirit of the Games to everyone.

The Olympic Flame for London Olympics 2012 was lit in Olympia, Greece, in a traditional ceremony. After a short relay in Greece, it is going to arrive in the UK on 18 May 2012. The Olympic Torch will complete a 70-day journey across the UK and will be carried by 8,000 Torchbearers. One can easily guess the excitement as it will make its way to London and the Opening Ceremony of the Games. What’s more, throughout the course of its journey, the Olympic Torch will see entertainment, shows and concerts marking its arrival at each stop.

The London Olympics Torch Relay will highlight the best traditions and cultures of the UK, - from the urban dynamics to the places of exquisite and serene natural beauty, and also sporting and cultural landmarks.

The presenting partners of the London Olympics Torch Relay are Coca-Cola, Lloyds TSB and Samsung.

Being a Part of the London Olympics Torch Relay

Having the honour to carry the Olympic Flame in the lead up to the Games is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The Game focuses on the power of the new generation, so, more than half of the Torchbearers are going to be younger ones of the lot. The nomination process for the Torchbearer will start in May 2011. It is going to give people across the UK a part of the historic countdown to the start of London 2012.

Official Olympic Torch Relay emblem

The Official Olympic Torch Relay emblem is the creation of FutureBrand, part of McCann Worldgroup. FutureBrand is also the Official Marketing Services Provider to London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The emblem, which is ‘infill’ of the London 2012 Olympic logo, speaks of the rays of the Olympic Flame spreading in all directions and reflecting a shine on the communities and people will reach on its journey across the UK. The rich gold and yellow colours suggest the warm inspiration that the Olympic Flame is all about.

History and tradition of London Olympics Torch Relay

The London Olympics Torch Relay is a very important and integral part of the cultural festivals surrounding the Olympic Games of Ancient Greece.
The Flame continued to burn on the altar of the goddess, Hera all through the Games. Also, heralds announced the Games travelling through Greece declaring a sacred truce for the duration.

The first Olympic Torch Relay was held at Berlin 1936 Games and was inspired from these ancient ceremonies. The traditions, which are the essence of the Olympics Torch Relay, are still respected in the modern Torch Relay.

The ritual of lighting and journey of the Flame which is followed at every Games is a very precise one. The Olympic Torch is actually lit from the sun's rays at the Temple of Hera on Mount Olympia. This ceremony is held at original Olympic Stadium (however, the ruins only remain now). A short relay is held around Greece and after that the Torch travels to the host country. There, the real journey of the Torch continues and it is transferred from one Torchbearer to another with the message of humanity and light.

On the Opening Ceremony, the Olympic Torch enters the Olympic Stadium. The last torchbearer places the Flame on the place where it will continue to burn for the entire length of the Games. The Flame is put off on the Closing Ceremony of the Games.

The Paralympic Torch Relay

This year, the Paralympic Games will also be marked by a panoramic Paralympic Torch Relay in August 2012 and will feature lots of celebrations and events like the London Olympics Torch Relay. The plans are going to be announced later in 2011.