London Olympics 2012 Tickets

London Olympics 2012 Tickets

London Olympics Tickets: The First Phase Has Commenced

The ticketing phase for London 2012 Olympic Games tickets opens on Tuesday 15 March 2011 and will conclude at 11.59pm on Tuesday 26 April 2011. So if you are a sports enthusiast and had been eagerly waiting for getting the tickets of London Olympics 2012, you can never afford to miss the chance! However, the applications are for residents of the UK and designated European countries. If you are neither of them, do not lose heart. You can still get your tickets, but via your National Olympic Committee (NOC) or National Paralympic Committee (NPC). Check out with your NOCs and NPCs if they have appointed an Authorized Ticket Reseller (ATR) for helping interested people to get their tickets and services relating to the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

The London Olympics Authorities asserts the fans to be very much specific and not falling prey to bogus websites and organizations claiming to sell tickets of the Games.

How to Get Your 2012 London Olympics Tickets

The London Olympics Tickets 2012 are on sale now. The process of buying the tickets for the gaming events involves submitting an application for tickets with the official website of London Olympics 2012. It is better if you have a ticketing account with them, but even then you have to re-submit your details with the application. There are also step by step guidelines on the website to make it easy for the users who wish to apply for the tickets of the gaming event online.

If you want to apply through paper application forms, get one from the Official Ticketing Guide available at the local Lloyds TSB branch (or Bank of Scotland in Scotland only) and your local library in Northern Ireland. The applications should reach the address on the form before 11.59pm on 26 April 2011 for being considered.
The applications for tickets to the Paralympic Games will begin from 9 September 2011.

Key Timeline for London Olympics Tickets

  • Applications for Olympic Games tickets will be accepted between 15 March 2011 and 11.59pm on 26 April 2011
  • The received applications will be processed between 10 May 2011 and 10 June 2011
  • Notifications will be sent to all the applicants by 24 June 2011
  • Applications for Paralympic Games tickets will start on 9 September 2011

Prices of the London Olympics Tickets

The London Olympics Tickets has been made available at prices starting at £20 to make them pretty much affordable to all sports enthusiasts. There are also some special prices for young people and seniors across all Olympic sports especially, for example, young people who are 16 years and younger can 'pay their age' for a ticket while all senior people who are aged 60 and above will get a ticket for £16 only. These special tickets will be made available in more than 200 sessions.
The ticket for a wheelchair space will include the companion seat just beside it as well.

London Olympics Tickets: Ticket ballot and payment

The London Olympics Authority has announced that if the demand for tickets exceeds supply, an automated random selection process ('ballot') will be operated to make the fairest possible allocation of tickets to the applicants.

The payment will be collected between Tuesday 10 May 2011 and Friday 10 June 2011 after the application process and the allocation process is successfully completed. If there are problems regarding the allocation of tickets, the applicant will be notified by Friday 24 June 2011 and a letter that confirms the refund process will be posted to him/her by Sunday 31 July 2011.

However, all the applicants will get a notification via email or letter by Friday 24 June 2011 regarding the status of their application.

Future ticket sales for London Olympics

After the first ticketing phase of the London Olympics 2012 tickets, the applicants will have another opportunity to apply for remaining tickets (if there is any) in June/July 2011. They will be available for sale online and by phone from winter 2011 and during that time the tickets are going to be sold on a first come, first served basis.

Paralympic Games Ticket Applications

The ticketing phase of Paralympic Games 2012 will commence on 9 September 2011 and will follow the similar sales process of the London Olympics tickets.