2012 London Olympics Royal Artillery Barracks Venue

2012 London Olympics Royal Artillery Barracks Key Facts


  • Shooting
  • Paralympic Shooting
  • Paralympic Archery

Capacity: 7,500
Location: on the edge of Woolwich Common in south east London, close to the World Heritage Site of Greenwich Park.
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About the Royal Artillery Barracks:

The Royal Artillery Barracks is in South East London which is mostly known as the ‘home’ of the Royal Artillery. The Royal Artillery Barracks is famous as the buildings have the longest incessant building veneer in the UK. It also has the largest parade open area of the UK barracks and therefore some of the matches of 2012 Olympic will be conducted in this great place. The construction of the Barracks was finished in 1802 although it was started in 1776.

The Royal Artillery Barracks was also famous for the location of the Royal Arsenal complex as it was the British Government's principal armaments manufacturing facility for over 200 years and still the importance of this building attracts to get some matches of the grand Olympic 2012. Most importantly, the Royal Artillery Barracks was the Royal Military Academy for which it was used for the training of the artillery officers and engineers from 1741 to 1939. However, the Royal Artillery Barracks was incorporated with a military hospital based at Woolwich which closed in the mid 1990s but this place is well known for military artillery only.

The Royal Artillery Barracks for 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Venue

The shooting events of the 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in London will be held at the Royal Artillery Barracks which is named for the provisional venue of the events. However, the authority of the 2012 Olympic confirmed that the original venue for the shooting should be the National Shooting Centre at Bisley in Surrey. The plan of conducting shooting at the National Shooting Centre at Bisley was again changed and the authority suggested staging all these events outside the city London. However, the original place of conducting shooting is not finally confirmed so far and hence the Royal Artillery Barracks takes all the authentication of conducting all types of shooting events of 2012 Olympic.

According to the authority of the 2012 Olympic, they declared that there will be four temporary indoor ranges for Pistol and Rifle Shooting which will be taken place at the Royal Artillery Barracks. A comfortable place will be built together with outdoor shotgun ranges for Trap and Skeet events and that can provide good level of security to conduct these games at the Barracks. The authority will also give temporary spectator grandstands at each Shooting range and that can help to pursue all these events smoothly.

Facilities at Royal Artillery Barracks

As per the security and comfort level of playing are concerned, the Royal Artillery Barracks can provide a spectacular background for the Shooting and the players will have a good facility to enjoy while playing all these games at this ground.  Paralympic Shooting and Paralympic Archery events will be also held at this ground. However, the authority informed that Olympic Archery will be conducted at Lord’s Cricket Ground as the Barracks does not have much place for these games.

The Royal Artillery Barracks meets all the necessities and it is near to the Olympic Village.  Most importantly, the Royal Artillery Barracks has a long union with shooting and military history that goes back over 200 years and therefore this venue will be the perfect place for shooting events.