2012 London Olympics Old Trafford Venue

Old Trafford Key Facts

Location Sir Matt Busby Way
Old Trafford
Greater Manchester
Coordinates 53°27′47″N 2°17′29″W Coordinates: 53°27′47″N 2°17′29″W
Broke ground 1909 2012 London Olympics Old Trafford
Opened 19 February 1910
Owner Manchester United
Operator Manchester United
Surface Grass
Construction cost £90,000 (1909)
Architect Archibald Leitch (1909)
Capacity 76,212 seated
Field dimensions 105 x 68 m
(114.8 x 74.4 yd)

2012 London Olympics Old Trafford Key Facts

  • Sport: Football
  • Capacity: 76,000
  • Existing

About the Old Trafford Stadium

The coming Olympic 2012 will be held in London. The 2012 Olympic entire events are scheduled from 27th of July to 12th of August 2012. It has been estimated that there will be 26 types of sport events which will be covered in this grand Olympic conducted in 34 venues in the UK. Football is considered one of the most popular sports in Olympic and there are total 58 football matches which will be held this Olympic.

The Old Trafford stadium will lead as one of the most important stadiums in the UK to host many events of sport in this Olympic. Old Trafford is a basically football stadium in the Trafford borough of Greater Manchester, England and has a fine tuned facilities for the audience. Old Trafford stadium is the home of Premier League club Manchester United. Old Trafford stadium has a quite good space for the audience as the stadium which can offer seats for 75,957 spectators. Old Trafford is rated as the second-largest capacity of any English football stadium after Wembley Stadium and it is remarkable for its facilities too. Old Trafford is the third-largest of any stadium in the United Kingdom, and the eleventh-largest in Europe and therefore Old Trafford attract spectators to enjoy the live game from all over the world.

Transportation of Old Trafford:

The distance of Old Trafford stadium is approximately 0.5 miles from Old Trafford Cricket Ground and this stadium is located near Manchester Metrolink tram station. The current record of attendance of Old Trafford recorded in 1939 was 76,962 spectators as at that time there was a great event of FA Cup semi-final between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Grimsby Town.

Old Trafford Capacity of the Audience and the Features:

Old Trafford is the second-largest football stadium among any stadium in the UK as the stadium got 5 star stadiums ranking by UEFA. A total 75,957 spectators can be accommodated. Old Trafford stadium has a sweet nick name as “The Theatre of Dreams”.  The club Manchester United started the construction of this stadium back in 1909. Archibald Leitch made the master plan of this stadium with the design of 100,000 spectators’ capacity. In 1957, floodlight lights were initiated in this stadium.

The largest modern cantilever roof was initiated in this stadium which was remarkable in Europe with the length of 58.5 meter. Although total £60,000 was estimated for the construction of the stadium at the first time but the total construction was £80,000 at the end. The entire construction of the stadium was running on and it was ended in 1996.
Old Trafford has also been used for many other purposes than football although this stadium is highly recognized as football stadium. Rugby and football both the games have been conducted in this stadium for many times.

Specification of Old Trafford:

Old Trafford was previously separated into some other sections and all sections have been recognized with a letter. For example – in the K stand section the spectators are remarkable for their vocal sounds as they can make huge sound like songs and chants. Old Trafford Stadium is very beautiful to have the complete taste of any match.