2012 London Olympics North Greenwich Arena Venue

The North Greenwich Arena is constructed in between 2003 to 2007. It was opened for public on 24 June 2007. The owner of the arena is English Partnerships, the national regeneration agency, which supports high quality continuous growth in England. The operator of North Greenwich Arena is Ansco Arena Limited, Europe.

The arena is located in the Greenwich peninsula on the Meridian Line. The venue is situated across the river Thames from the mouth of the River Lea that runs through the park.
The park was constructed with a purpose of organizing Millennium celebrations. But later, it has been turned out to be a sports and entertainment stadium with facilities like shops, restaurants and many more. In May 2012, the management will start works to convert North Greenwich Arena into a venue for London Olympics and Paralympic events.

The organizers have to install temporary items like tents, services, cabins, signage, and paraphernalia in and around the site. The management has also submitted an application to Greenwich Council seeking its permission to modify the North Greenwich Arena and host the Games at this venue in the year 2012.

North Greenwich Arena: During the Games

During London Olympics 2012, North Greenwich Arena will be home for events like Artistic Gymnastics, Trampoline Gymnastics and the Basketball finals and after a few weeks, Wheelchair Basketball will be hosted during the Paralympic Games.

North Greenwich Arena: After the Games

The London 2012 games will be over in the month of September. After that the North Greenwich Arena will return to play its traditional role as a versatile music, sports and entertainment location.

How to reach at North Greenwich Arena

If you are planning to visit North Greenwich Arena during the games, National Rail, London Underground, bus, river, taxis and private hire vehicles are the travel options to reach at the venue. You can go through a cycle route that connects the venue with other parts of the city. And even visitors from some parts of the city can walk to the venue as it is well-connected with most of the parts of the city. On the other hand, the Docklands Light Railway (DLR), Coach, London Overground, Park-and-ride are not the travel options to visit the venue. Do not plan to visit North Greenwich Arena by your own car as the normal car park will not be available for visitors during the games.

Additional Information

After reaching the North Greenwich Arena, please follow the instructions written on the sign boards at the venue. The transport staff and volunteers will also be giving you directions to facilitate you to reach the destination easily.

Plan your trip in advance but do not forget to check for the last minute changes before the journey.