2012 London Olympics Horse Guards Parade Venue

2012 London Olympics Horse Guards Parade

2012 London Olympics Horse Guards Parade Key Facts

Capacity: 15,000
New or existing?: New, temporary

2012 London Olympics Horse Guards Parade Sports

London Olympics 2012 Beach volley ball games are to be held at the famous Horse Guards Parade. It was announced after the approval from Westminster City Council. Horse Guards parade is a big parade ground which is situated at the heart of Whitehall in UK. It is near to the Downing Street and in the St. James Park. It is also near to the Buckingham palace.

Horse Guards Parade: Largest open space in U.K.

Whitehall is a political center in UK and the games are said to be held at Prime minister’s doorstep. It represents the largest open space in U.K. Horse Guards Parade was built in 1745 for the guards of the King. The celebrations of the birthday of Queen Elizabeth I took place on the parade ground of Horse Guards parade. Horse Guards Parade is famous for the event called Tropping the color which attracts almost six million visitors every year.

Creating beach for beach volley ball game at Horse Guards Parade

It’s going to be an exciting event with the venue Horse Guards Parade flanking between White hall and Buckingham. Beach volley ball is one of the most stimulating sports with huge number of spectators.

UK’s largest engineering company Atkins, who has been approved as official designer of the services in Olympics games 2012 and Populous, official architectural designer approved together will transform the Horse Guards Parade to Olympic beach volley ball venue. The venue will be built in with temporary structures which can be dismantled later after the Olympic competitions. These temporary structures are passed through several tests and approved by building regulations to ensure safety to the participants and spectators. Atkins and Populous have considered many factors in transforming the Horse Guards Parade into beach volley ball venue. They are easily accessible, control of noise, type of lighting needed, traffic regulations, facilities for spectators and maintain requirements of the participants.

The temporary beach is to be built before the Olympic Games. The sand will be brought to the special area where the urban beach is to be formed. The temporary facilities finished for the beach volley ball games will be detached after the games. The stadium arrangements are capable of allowing 15,000 spectators to watch the beach volley ball games at Horse Guards Parade.

In St. James Park, six training centers and two warm-up courts are also being created. Horse Guards Parade temporary stadium will be facilitated with lighting and video screens for the evening beach volley ball competitions.  

Schedule for beach volley ball

The beach volley ball is scheduled at Horse Guards Parade for thirteen days from July 28 to August 9 2012. The events for tests are scheduled from August 9 – 14, 2011. The tickets price has been announced which starts from £20 and goes to the highest priced tickets of £450.

Horse Guards Parade location: easy to reach

Horse Guards Parade exists in Whitehall, London. The nearest underground station to reach there is Charing Cross. It is also at a short distance from Buckingham Palace through St.James Park.