2012 London Olympics Hockey Centre Venue

2012 London Olympics Hadleigh Farm Key Facts

Sport: Hockey, Paralympic Five-a-side Football, Paralympic Seven-a side Football
Location: Within the Olympic Park
New or existing: New
Permanent or temporary: Temporary

London will host the Olympic Games 2012 with the involvement of several stadiums and venue in and around London. Hockey centre is the newly constructed venue for the London Olympic games 2012.  It is been constructed in the Olympic Park at Hackney in East London in UK.
Features of Hockey Centre

  1. Some features of Hockey Centre make it a remarkable venue
  2. Each of the two venues will have capacity of 15000 and 5000 spectators.
  3. It will host for Paralympic Five a-side Football, Paralympic Seven a-side Football along with the hockey games in Olympics.
  4. It will have two different pitches, one pitch for spectator seating and other for warm-up activities.
  5. The pitch called as main pitch can provide space for 15000 spectators and the second warm-up pitch has a capacity of 300 seats. 
  6. Hockey Center ground is designed considering the preference of ground for the game and advantageous for athletes and audience.
  7. The Center uses steel parts to make it light weight and enhance the effectiveness.

Use of Hockey Centre after the games

Hockey Centre will be moved to the north of Olympic Park in the area of Eton Manor. The venue will have then 5000 seats permanently. The center will be used for the facilities it provides for the people staying in Eton manor. It is prepared by the partnership with England hockey, but after the games it will be owned by Lee Valley Regional Park Authority.
More about Hockey Center Olympic Games

Paralympic Five a-side Football games are to be held at the Hockey Centre from 30 August to 7 September 2012. Paralympic Seven a-side Football will start at the Hockey Centre from 31 August and end on 8 September 2012.

64,000 tickets will be available for the spectators who wish to watch the hockey games in London Olympic games 2012. The ticket prices are announced and 90% of the tickets are at £100. Tickets for Paralympic games are not yet announced.

 The hockey competitions planned for the Olympic games scheduled at the venue Hockey Centre will involve competitions for both men and women. It will start at the preliminary phase. There will be twelve teams divided into two pools. Every team will play with the other five teams in their pool. Two teams which perform well in their pool will enter the semifinals.  The winners of semifinals will play against each other to win the final gold medal.

The hockey games played during the London Olympic games 2012 will be the most participating and exciting games for the spectators.
All the hockey matches will be played at the venue Hockey Center during the London Olympic games 2012.