2012 London Olympics Handball Arena Venue

2012 London Olympics Handball Arena

2012 London Olympics Handball Arena Key Facts

Capacity: 7,000
Location: In the west of the Olympic Park
New, permanent venue

2012 London Olympics Handball Arena Sports

Handball Arena for the handball games of London Olympics 2012 will be present at the Olympic Park at Stratford east London. It is present at the west of the Olympic park and four minutes away from the Olympic village.

Appearance of Handball Arena

Handball Arena consists of external copper cladding that will enrich the natural color later after some years.  The roof of the Handball Arena is constructed from the recycled content including copper. The material used is efficient and durable so as to give long term performance. The concourse appearance enables the spectators to watch the sports events taking place inside. The interior of the Handball Arena is bright and colorful. The light pipes permit the entry of sunlight inside the Handball Arena. There are almost hundred light pipes in the Handball arena. Handball Arena will have a capacity of 6,000 to 7,000 seats.  Almost 6,000 seats are multicolored in Handball Arena. The retractable seats are with lower tiers which give flexibility to the seating arrangement. The light energy coming from the light pipes on the roof saves 40% of the energy. The Handball Arena is facilitated with the rain harvesting systems which provide water in toilets and other systems where water is needed. It will also have a café and changing rooms for the health and fitness club members. The Handball Arena possesses 13700 square meters of back house space. The two temporary warm up courts are over 16000 square meters and ten meters in height.
Handball arena games schedule

Handball, goal ball, shooting and modern pentathlon games will take place at the Handball Arena. Handball preliminary and quarterfinals also will be held at the same place. The Handball Arena venue will have 48 hours to change the Olympic Games event from Handball games to Modern Pentathlon Fencing events. The Handball Arena is well equipped to provide space for media and technical system. It is also facilitated with good and clean changing rooms for athletes. The legacy with colorful interior, practical and attractive facilities will make a remarkable memory in the minds of the participating athletes. The events held at handball Arena for the London Olympic Games 2012 are scheduled from July 28 to August 07.

 Handball arena after the Olympic Games

After the games, it will become a venue for multiple sports like hand ball, boxing, basketball, martial arts, table tennis, volley ball, wheel chair rugby and badminton. It will be used for various events, national games, and international competitions. The Handball Arena stands as a new urban architecture between the Olympic Park and adjacent Hackney and Tower hamlets.