2012 London Olympics Eton Manor Venue

2012 London Olympics Eton Manor Key Facts

Sport: Wheelchair Tennis
Capacity: 10,500
Location: In the north of the Olympic Park

The Eton Manor is the latest sporting facility which is located in Essex. The Eton Manor is the official home ground for the Eton Manor Football Club. This club was formed by a bunch of rich and influential families of this area in 1901. It was constructed in an effort to encourage underprivileged children in participating in all kinds of sports. This sports complex was not used since 2001. As the games took place in this arena the boys of this club gained respect and recognition in the sporting department. The Eton Manor club gained a reputation of being the elite team.


The Eton Manor club was formed by rich and influential families of the locality. Some of the famous families who contributed to building this stadium were Barings, Villiers and Lord Chelsea. The intention of this sport club was to bring the sports to the poor and underprivileged teenagers of the East End of London. There were many venues which were used prior to finalizing to this venue. The project was a great success in the initial years only as it got lot of recognition. Hackney Marshes which is also known as “The Wilderness” was used in the end. This was the beginning of a long lasting relation with this ground and sports like cricket and rugby. Within no time the club got lot of recognition and was in the elite group.

Later in 1981, the club was in the bottom of the table and it was targeted for not performing well in the league. And ever since it hit the bottom, the club could not manage to come up to the top 6 at least in the next 20 years due to which it was closed in 2001. After the removal of the club, it again started to come back and tried its hand in the league again by changing the management. It fared decently well in the coming season but due to behavioral problems it was criticized by a lot of teams.

London 2012

Presently the venue is selected as the host for Wheelchair tennis. The venue was selected for its excellent facilities and recreational activities available. It is also selected as the training venue for the Aquatic events. The Eton Manor has many temporary pools which will be acting as the training spot for all the participants of the Aquatic event in the Summer Olympics. It has 3 pools which have 50m pools which are going to be used as swimmers. There are other smaller pools which are going to be used by the synchronized swimmers and water polo participants.

After the training the venue will host Wheelchair tennis which is going to be witnessed by 10,500 spectators. There are in all 9 competition courts and 4 training courts in the venue. The court capacity of the crowd is 10,500 and an addition 5000 seats are also added in the new courts.            

After the games are over, it is speculated that the Eton Manor will be reconstructed into a unique mix of sporting events and other training facilities. There is an additional sport which is added into the list of grounds which are already available at the sporting complex. There is a Hockey ground which is going to be included in the new sporting complex. This Hockey pitch is going to host elite hockey matches and will also have a capacity of 15,000 spectators.