2012 London Olympics Eton Dorney Venue

2012 London Olympics Eton Dorney
Summer London Olympics Eton Dorney

2012 London Olympics Eton Dorney Key Facts

  • Sport: 
  • Capacity: Up to 30,000
  • Location: Eton Dorney is near Windsor Castle, around 25 miles west of London
  • New or existing?: Existing with enhancements

Eton Dorney is a lake which is stretched lengthwise. The lake is considered to be the perfect location for canoeing. The Eton Dorney Lake has been hosting canoeing sport since a long time. The exact location of the lake is near the village of Dorney, Buckinghamshire. This lake is artificially built lake for rowing and canoeing. Eton College is the owner of the lake which is used for school activities and also is available for other organizations to host rowing competitions. This is presently going to be used as the Canoe sprint competition venue in the London 2012 Summer Olympics.


The Eton Dorney is owned by the Eton College. It is a privatized man mad lake which was constructed to host college events of Canoeing and Kayaking. The college has spent £17 million to build this lake for rowing purposes. The lake can accommodate up to 30,000 spectators a day. This is a huge number considering the facilities which are provided. When this venue was selected for the London 2012 games, the management made arrangements to build an additional 20,000 seats to accommodate more spectators. This way they increased the capacity of the lake to give the optimal publicity to the event.

The Dorney Lake is one of the man made miracles as it is built in a rectangle shape which is perfect from all sides. The lake is 2000m in length and has 8 rowing lanes each of width 13.5 meters wide. The water depth is measured to be 3.5 meters. The best part of this lake is, for the return of the boats to the starting line there is a different return path which is separated from the main rowing lanes. This doesn’t give any halt in the next round of racing therefore the action continues. The architecture of the lake and everything supporting it is very intelligently done and therefore it is no surprise in being selected for the London 2012 games.

The lake is often used by dog walkers. It is open to the public on most of the days of the year. Therefore it has become a favorite spot for the dog walkers. The sides of the lake are 2 km long in a straight road which has a scenic beauty added to the lake. It is one of the most appreciated venues for runners, sprinters and skiers.

London 2012

Eton Dorney Lake is selected as the venue for the rowing competitions. The canoeing and kayaking competitions are said to be hosted by the Eton Dorney Lake in the London 2012 games. There is no better venue than the Eton Dorney Lake. The lake can accommodate up to 8 lanes of rowing boats which will help the management to host more races. There are around 30,000 spectators who are going to watch the races. The various activities which are going to be taking place at this venue are rowing, paralympic rowing and canoe sprint.