2012 London Olympics Earls Court Venue

2012 London Olympics Earls Court


Location Earls Court
Warwick Road
Opened 1 September 1937
Owner Earls Court Olympia Limited
Surface Versatile
Architect C. Howard Crane
Capacity 19,000

2012 London Olympics Earls Court Key Facts

Sport: Volleyball
Capacity: 15,000

Earls Court is known for being used as a multipurpose stadium where sports to arts, exhibition to theater are run. It is situated in the West London area. The exact location of the stadium is in Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London. Earls Court is one of the venues for the London 2012 games which will be hosting the games of Volleyball. The stadium has a decent capacity of 18,000. All the volleyball matches will be held in this location and it is said to be a grand event.
It is said that the Earls Court is never free and it hosts event all round the clock. There are versatile events which are conducted in this arena. It is regarded as London’s best exhibition and event space.

Earls Court History

Initially Earls Court was situated in the rural area of London. The area was covered with vast green fields and market gardens. This area was a largely wasted ground for many years until the railway line came through the location. Once the railway stations were introduced they became a mass network spot increasing the population in and around this area. It was in 1935 when the land was sold to different owners who had plans of constructing a show center.

Having stations nearby it became easy for many spectators to commute to the place and instantly it became a huge hit. The nearby Olympia exhibition hall which was the previous show center was dominated by Earls Court and it soon became the destination of all the event lovers. In 1937, it hosted the first exhibition of Chocolate and Confectionaries on 1st September. After hosting many shows it has expanded its court range started building other buildings also so that different shows can be hosted simultaneously. Therefore there was a drastic increase in demand of hosting a show or play in this place.

This first Earls Court show building is presently referred as Earls Court One. Earls Court Two was inaugurated by Princess Diana.

London 2012 Earls Court

For the London 2012 games, Earls Court could not be forgotten as it is one of the major crowd puller. It is expected to bring in as much crowd as the area could possibly produce. The venue is chosen to host the Volleyball matches and it is considered to be the best venue in London to host them. It has been existing from quiet some time and is presently the best location for the London 2012 games. The court is said to have a space of 40,000 square meters of space. An expected 18,000 spectators are said to witness the Volleyball competition. After the games it is said to continue hosting events and exhibitions.

The London 2012 games are said to be contesting 26 games in 38 disciplines. These competitions covers most of the major sports which are available in the world around and also increase the participation in all the major fields.