2012 London Olympics Basketball Arena Venue

2012 London Olympics Basketball Arena

2012 London Olympics Basketball Arena Key Facts


Capacity: 12,000 during the Olympic Games; 10,000 during the Paralympic Games
Location: In the north of the Olympic Park

About Basketball Arena

The game of Basketball is going to be hosted in the Basketball Arena, which is located north of the Olympic Park. The Olympic Park in Stratford, east London is the centre stage for the Games with nine sporting venues: the Olympic Stadium, Aquatics Centre, Water Polo Arena, Basketball Arena, Handball Arena, Velodrome, BMX Circuit, Hockey Centre and Eton Manor. The Basketball Arena is one of them.

The other games that will be hosted in the park are Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Rugby and the final stages of the Handball competition. The construction of this Basketball Arena started as early as in 2009. This is going to be one of the largest-ever temporary venues built for any Games once it gets completed.

The Basketball Arena: During and After the London Olympic Games 

The Basketball Arena is going to a very unique venue for basketball and Handball as during the Games, the Arena will get only 22 hours to get transformed from the venue from the Basketball competition to the venue of the Handball competition finals. In the little time span, there will be some Herculean tasks like removing the Basketball posts and installing the Handball goals and field of play mat.

What’s more, when the Paralympic Games begin, the Basketball Arena will be changed to get ready for Wheelchair Rugby after the Wheelchair Basketball competition is over. This will also involve similar changes in the field.

The ‘back of house’ area of the Basketball Arena is being shared with the VeloPark venues. This is being done mainly to make optimal efficient use of space and resources. This is going to include two courts in temporary accommodation as well as areas for catering, security, waste management and a place for the media.
After the Games are over, the Basketball Arena will be taken down by the authority. However, some parts of it will be preserved to be reused or relocated elsewhere in the UK.


The Olympic Park, with the Basketball Arena at its north, is well-connected by public transportation network with Stratford and Stratford International stations located at the east of the park and the West Ham station at its south. 

The Olympic Park also has local bus services.