Laser Games

Laser games are individual or team sports where the players earn points by hitting targets with the aid of laser devices. In laser tag, players put on infrared sensitive targets in the arena where the game is held. The game was first played in 1979 after the Star Trek Electronic Phases toy was released by South Bend.

Indoor and Outdoor Laser Tag

Laser Tag can be played both indoors and outdoors and it is included with role play games, combat simulations and challenging sporting events with different tactics and fixed game motives. However, laser games are not played with real lasers. Only use of the laser in laser games is in the aiming devices. The laser games resemble paintball and a few other simulation-shooting games. Although laser tags are heavily depended on computerised control systems which helps in the tracking of score and puts a number of rules to enforce a period during which the player is unable to shoot when he is struck by his opponent. The game play may change from single to team play depending upon the game format selected and the laser equipment can be used only with one particular type of game format.

The Components of Laser Tag

Laser tag is built with specialised and sturdy electronic devices and runs with the aid of computer systems and specialised software for accounting the scores. These Laser Tag equipments are made by many manufacturers. There are even some companies that provide the players with equipments to the arena gears such as the bases or the mines as well as some physical arena construction.

The Popularity of Laser Tag

Laser tag has been a popular sport among people of all ages. The game is actually less painful than the similar paintball as a result of less physical projectiles. Indoor laser tag is even lesser painful as the indoor arenas limit the amount of roughhousing. Although it is widely played, currently there are no reputed laser game players. However, a number of countries host amateur tournaments offering one or multiple laser tag systems.

World of Khet

Khet is a very popular Laser game that merges the traditional strategy with lasers. The players of the game exchange their turns displacing Egyptian-themed pieces with one, two, or no mirrored surfaces. It has four different types of pieces - the obelisk, pharaoh, pyramid and djed column, which moved one square left, back, forward, right or diagonal. It can even be kept in the same diagonal or can be rotated by a quarter twists. A turn ends after one of the lasers from the board is fired. The laser beam bumps back and forth from each mirror. If a beam hits one of the non-mirrored surfaces of the pieces, it is eliminated from the board. The motive of this game is to lighten up the pharaoh of your opponent and protecting your from his laser at the same time.