Karting Race

  • When it comes to racing anything will do.
  • A popular form of open wheeler racing of motor sports which use small four wheeled vehicles called karts and the race is called karting race or simply kart racing.
  • The karts are also called go- karts or gear box karts.
  • The name of karts depends on the design used for the karts in the race.
  • This form of sport is slowly gaining more popularity with many hot spots going with karting race tracts for their clients and visitors.
  • It’s a little bit expensive form or motor sports and why not after all, motor sports are all about money!

Kart Rider

  • The driver of the kart is called kart rider.
  • But there is another kart rider which is making a lot of hullabaloo.
  • It’s a Korean made game which can be played online and its similar to kart racing. This racing game is gaining a lot of popularity among the tech savvy.
  • The driver of the karts have to be very careful because the karts are so fast that a Formula One kart with 100cc and 2 stroke engine can accelerate a speed of 0-60 mph in just 4.5 seconds.
  • Thus to become a kart rider one needs some adrenaline and guts.
  • To know more on kart vehicles and their riders, you can browse the web for more information on them.

Karting Parts

  • The thrill of the game depends a lot on karting parts used in the vehicle.
  • The chassis of the kart must be very strong and one must take care of the chassis especially for the whole strength of the vehicles depends on it.
  • The chassis is made of steel and with no suspension in kart vehicles.
  • The other karting parts are engine and its components.
  • There are two types of kart engines- 2 stroke and 4 strokes.
  • The chain for transmission of power to axle, the tires and the wheel accessories are other important karting parts which the racers take care while they race in professional events.

Trophy Kart

  • This is a strong and durable kart which has been designed specially for racing on deserts and sandy areas.
  • The karts resemble the Trophy trucks and hence the name.
  • You can get a kart of this design for just $9,000.
  • The vehicle has some remarkable features to make a smooth and fast ride on desert roads.

World Karting

  • This is the boss of all karting in America.
  • The sanctioning body has the power to sanction kart race in US.
  • You will get to know all information about schedules of races, classes, points, tech, applications, memberships and things related to kart racing from this body and their website.

Kart Kountry

  • If you have a passion of karting and want to be an amateur rider of karts, visit this place called kart Kountry.
  • This fun village for complete family karting is located in Shepherdsville, Kentucky.
  • The fun place is for family with the longest go kart track of 1.5 miles in the world. This hot spot is a favorite hang out place for family who love karting.
  • This is a place for all ages and any one can race the variety of race it has in its court.

Kart Country

  • It’s the same spot in Shepherdsville which is miss spelt as country instead of Kountry.
  • Kart country a complete family entertainment spot for karts.

Go Kart Raceway

  • Another such fun place is for family and friends to hang out and play some exciting games.
  • There are some popular games like kart racing.

Go Karting

  • This is often referred to the tracks of kart racing which entertainment spots have.
  • Today many hotels and inns have started the tradition of making short go karting tracks for their customers to enjoy the race and have fun.
  • This adventure sports is slowly becoming the favorite for corporate and others who love to play golf during off time.

Russell Karting

  • This is a store which provides all accessories related to karts for kart racing.
  • You will have tyres, engine parts and other accessories related to karts.
  • Russell is regarded as one of the largest inventories of karting related products under its one roof.

Dixie Karting:

Another store which is a great supplier of accessories related to karts like :

  • brakes,
  • chains,
  • chassis,
  • clutches,
  • fluids,
  • Helmets and other parts.

Acceleration Karting:

  • Acceleration karting is actually named as Acceleration Karts, but many people call it Acceleration Karting.
  • Acceleration karting is a reputed brand for keeping the complete line of accessories and sprint kart racing equipments like:
    • drivers dress,
    • Jackets and others.

Karting tracks

There are typically three types of karting tracks available for karting race- Sprint, Endurance, and Speedway.

Comet kart

  • This is a manufacturer of karts for professional as well as amateur racing.
  • With an experience of more than 45 years they make some of the best and strong and reliable carts of today.

Karting schools

  • If you want to feel the thrill of kart racing then learn the art of racing from any of the schools which provide extensive kart racing training to their students.
  • A very popular school which can fulfill your dream of kart racing is Jim Hall Kart Racing School.
  • You will find many other schools too who will teach you the art of kart racing.