Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is a sport played on ice and is popular in those countries where snow fall and ice formation happens during winter time. However, in the recent past decades, the development of ice rinks has enabled ice hockey to be played throughout the year. Consequently many professional sport leagues have been formed to play the ice hockey.

Sporting Equipment

Sporting equipment is basically the stick which is used to push around a hard vulcanized rubber called the puck. Online skating equipments stores provide information on the skating game and the how to best use the Ice hockey equipments. The objective of ice hockey is to get the puck to the opponent's goal net, which stands in the opposite end of the ice rink. Ice hockey is a full contact sport and so it is a must for players to wear protective gears. Such gear includes the following:

  • Helmet
  • Neck guard
  • Mouth guard
  • Shin pads or chest protector
  • Shoulder pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Protective gloves
  • Heavily padded shorts
  • Jock athletic protector

How The Game Goes

In ice hockey two rival teams play against each other and each team is made up of six players. They move the puck to other's goal net and in doing so, primarily use the stick, but they can also use parts of their body, under certain restrictions to affect the movement of the puck.

When playing ice hockey, players can use defensive tactics or offensive tactics. In defensive tactics, checking is used, where players will try to destabilize another player in the opponent's team and try to take the puck way from them. Many checking tactics come under ice hockey such as Forechecking, Backchecking, Stick checking, Sweepchecking, and Pokechecking and Body checking, which are all applicable as part of the game rules while playing.

During offensive playing tactics, player gradually move the puck to the opponents goal net, by gaining lines on the ice rink such as the blue line, then the red line and finally across the opponent's blue line and then into the opponents goals net.

During ice hockey, two to four officials preside over the playing, to ensure that all players follow the rules while playing. They are essentially two officials who look into the offside and icing violations, and two referees, who look into the goals won and player penalties.

Current Trends

Today, much of the professional ice hockey leagues formed come from the United States and Canada where ice hockey is much watched and played by people.

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