ICC Cricket Rankings 2014

ICC Cricket Test Team Rankings

Team Matches Points Rating
South Africa 27 3353 124
Australia 32 3950 123
England 39 4063 104
Sri Lanka 31 3126 101
India 29 2793 96
Pakistan 23 2199 96
New Zealand 30 2787 93
West Indies 23 1710 74
Zimbabwe 9 352 39
Bangladesh 14 287 21

For those who love a longer form of cricket matches, Test Cricket lasts for as many as 5 days. Both the teams play two innings each.

 After every series of Test, the two competing team gets a point based on a calculated formula shown below:

  • After a series between two teams, add 1 point to the winning team; add half point to the two teams for drawing a match; add bonus point to the team that won the series; add half point to two teams if the series was a draw.
  • If the gap of the ratings between two teams was less than 40 points, multiply 50 points more than the opponent’s rating. Then, add the total to the test result of the opponent multiplied by 50 points less than the opponent’s rating.
  • The calculation is done based on the difference in ratings of the two teams. If it is 40 or more, then the stronger team’s total is multiplied by 10 and added to the other team’s total minus 90, multiplied by their total. 
  • Divide the updated points total by the updated match total. This represents the team's rating.

ICC Cricket ODI Team Rankings

Team Matches Points Rating
India 57 6485 114
South Africa 40 4522 113
Sri Lanka 65 7245 111
Australia 38 4230 111
England 43 4575 106
Pakistan 50 4998 100
New Zealand 31 3031 98
West Indies 43 4107 96
Bangladesh 28 1940 69
Zimbabwe 30 1736 58
Afghanistan 13 550 42
Ireland 9 297 33

One Day International or ODI matches are played for a single day for a fixed number of overs between two international teams. ICC One Day International cricket competition run by the ICC body is the ranking scheme used on the regular ODI match schedule. After the ODI match, the two participating teams receive points based on a calculated formula shown below:

  • When the match starts, if the difference between their points is less than 40, they need to get 50 points to emerge as the stronger team.
  • After a series between two teams, add one point to a team for the winning match and half point to the two teams for a draw.
  • In case there is a tie, both teams score the opponent’s rating.
  • There are two different scoring structures: one for a match/series in which the ranking difference amongst the two teams is less than or equal to 40 and if that change is larger than 40. This rewards lower-ranked teams who accomplish to beat higher-ranked teams, in turn it exhausting the higher-ranked team
  • In case of a tie, 40 less points are given to the stronger team and 40 more points are given to the weaker team.
  • Only the score on the last three matches are included. Divide the new points total by the new matches total to get the rating for each team.

ICC Cricket Twenty20 Team Rankings

ICC Rank ICC T20 Team ICC Matches ICC Points ICC Rating
1 India 15 1963 131
2 Sri Lanka 23 3006 131
3 Pakistan 26 3194 123
4 South Africa 23 2785 121
5 Australia 22 2454 112
6 New Zealand 22 2414 110
7 West Indies 25 2742 110
8 England 24 2300 96
9 Ireland 12 1046 87
10 Bangladesh 16 1147 72
11 Netherlands 14 951 68
12 Afghanistan 12 743 62
13 Zimbabwe 11 573 52
14 Scotland 10 512 51

ICC Twenty20, or ICC T20, is an international T20 competition competed in about three hours, with each innings lasting to 75-90 minutes and with 10-20 minute interval. A T20 game is played by two teams competing for a maximum of 20 overs.

An Overview of ICC Ranking

The ranking of ICC consists of four columns which reflect the country’s name, matches, points and ratings, so the corresponding titles for each column will be the following: Team, Matches, Points and Ratings. Team column shows the name of the cricket team, Matches shows the number of matches the team played in the last three years, Points indicates the number of points the team made for three years, and Rating is derived from the points and the matches the team played.

ICC stands for International Cricket Council, a body that controls and governs cricket internationally. ICC was founded in 1909 with representatives from three countries namely Australia, England and South Africa. It was previously named International Cricket Conference, then later in 1965, it was changed to International Cricket Council. Currently, ICC has over 105 members all over the globe.

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