ICC Champions Trophy 2009 Trophy

ICC Champions Trophy 2009

ICC Champions 2009 Trophy

ICC Champions Trophy 2009 Cup

The ICC Champions Trophy 2009 will be commenced on 22nd, September to October 5th of 2009.

Previously, in 2006, ICC Champions Trophy was lifted by Australia.

The teams which are participating in ICC Champions Tryphy 2009 are

Gropp A

India, Pakistan , West Indies, Australia.

Group B

South Africa, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, England.

The ICC Champions Trophy  Previous History

Year Winner Runner Venue Format
1998 South Africa West Indies Dhaka, Bangladesh Knockout
2000 New Zealand India Nairobi, Kenya Knockout
2002 India and Sri Lanka - final was cancelled due to rain Sri Lanka Round Robin
2004 West Indies England England Round Robin
2006 Australia West Indies India Round Robin
2009 South Africa Australia New Zealand Round-robin