Hunting Sports

Fishing Games

Fishing game is one of the most accepted, calming, and satisfying forms of out door sports. People like fishing in a wide diversity of fresh, saltwater, and brackish (slightly salty) bays, ponds, oceans, rivers, and brooks. Some folks fish with easy bamboo or cane rods. Others use modern rods, rollers, and additional gears that require greater expertise to operate. Other equipments include nets, tackle boxes, gaffs, stringers and creels. Bait used to catch fish may be either natural or artificial. People who use the combination of a rod, reel, and line to catch fish are called anglers.

Paintball Games

The game of paintball has also emerged as a globally accepted shooting sport.Paintball is a sport wherein players expunge rivals from game by striking them with paintballs which are actually a pod filled with non toxic dye.Game generally includes two rival teams trying to eliminate all of the other team's players or to complete an objective. Paintball game can be played online using online paintball games.

Online Virtual Games

With the emergence of electronic games, one can enjoy the pleasure of hunting in the residence itself. Many games like Duck Hunt games, Jungle Walk game etc are famous for providing the real time hunting sports games and pleasure by simulating combinations of 3d graphics and sounds experienced while playing the hunting sports. Virtual hunting games can be played either on a personal computer through online or on a device like Play Stations which is specially designed for gaming purpose and can be attached with a visual display unit or a television set. Online hunting games or sports are more famous among the children.

Hunting Equipments

The game of hunting makes an immense use of equipments like guns and other associated weapons to hunt animals. Duck hunters use shotguns and the bullets loaded with small gunshots as hunting equipments. Larger shots are used to hunt deer or elk. Hunters on horseback ride behind staghounds, which follow stags, dears and elks by their scent for their masters. Big game hunters use a remarkably powerful rifle and gun hunting equipments. In the United States a few of the hunters use only a bow and arrow. Often and occasionally, hunters have to chase the animal over a distance of 4-5 km in order to hunt them.