Handball Sports

Handball is a sport wherein players play with a ball without using playing instruments. Passing and bouncing is used to move the ball around and player use their hand instead of their feet to move the ball around. The purpose of the game is to throw the ball into the opponent's goal.

Origin of Sports

Handball sports finds it's origin in ancient Rome and Greece. The way handball sports is no played today evolved sometime in the 19th century in Northern Europe, primarily is the countries Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Handball began to be played at the international level in the 1920's.

Handball as a sport was played in many variations before a standard for was devised Here is a brief look at these variations:

  • Haanbold - This game originated in Denmark. A Helger Nelson a Danish schoolmaster came up with this idea and soon this handball game became popular throughout the country.
  • Hazena - This version of the handball sports is closer to the way the game is played today. Started by Vraclav Karas and Antonin Kristof, the game is played in a court with a 48m x 32m area. The goal size has a 2m x 2,4m area and the playing time was 2 x 25min. All these aspects of the game are very similar to the way handball is played today.
  • Torball - This game was played in Germany, in a court with an area of 40m x 20m. The goal area has a radius of 4m.
  • These variations of the handball game were hugely popular and this eventually led to a demand for them to be played at the international level. Consequently the different rules applicable in each of these handball games had to be brought under a single form and that was what Karl Schelenz devised in 1917 in Berlin. Soon after handball came to be played at the international level.

    Handball Game Rules

    This team sport is played by two teams. Each team is made up of seven players - six players and a goalkeeper. The ball's size is smaller than that of the football. The handball court covers an area of forty by twenty meters. A dividing line runs right through the court and goals are placed at either end of the court.

    Players have to move the ball to the opposing team's goals to take a point. Once a player has scored goals, the game is restarted by the conceding team. At this point, it is important for all players to be behind the line in their half of the court, otherwise the restarting throw will have to be done again.

    Handball moves at a fast pace and players do make body contact, but this can only be done with their torso. If a player is seen to be using arms to stop an attacker the play is restarted and the attacking team is given the ball in this restart.

    Handball Strategies

    Handball sports is a very exciting game. Lots of room for strategies and the more the practice, the better the play. Here are a couple of well-know strategies that players are seen to adopt in handball.

  • Hit the ball to your opponent's weak hand to gain advantage. However do not do this so often that it becomes a frequent and expected way of lay.
  • One way to win a shot over the opponent is through a kill shot. Do this when the ball is close to the ground. A ball coming of the back wall is also ideal for a kill shot. A kill shot hits the front wall right above the floor, giving no time for the opponent to respond to the ball.
  • Don't play the same shots over and over again, as repetition will make your game obvious to the opponent. Keep the opponents guessing as to what you will do next?
  • Tire down your opponent by hitting shots on alterative sides of the court.
  • Study your opponents warm up practices opponents because this gives you a chance to see your opponent using their best shots.