Golf Tournaments

Golf Tournaments are major Golf Championships events that are held every year. Organizing a Golf tournament takes meticulous planning and comprehensive detailing to make it successful.

Organizers have to determine whether the venue is large enough to accommodate the number of players involved, look into their accommodation, look into the facilities offered at the golf courses considered, check sponsors, determine the prize money and the trophy for the winner and put all these things together to get the event happening. Tickets have to be printed out, and the event advertised.

Separate Golf Tournaments are held for men and women and all major players come to compete here.

Men's Golf Tournaments

Master Tournaments

Referred to as 'The Masters', this tournament is usually held on the second Sunday, every April. It is also the first tournament among the four major men's golf championships to be played. The venue is Augusta National Golf Club, in the city of Georgia USA and this venue has been maintained by golf sports Organizations. The playing are is also the smallest among the four for players.

United States Open Championship

This tournament happens every year in July and is a very challenging tournament for players, as it is longer and has a quite few roughs, hilly greens and pinched fairways.

The Open Championship

This tournament happens every year in the United Kingdom in one of nine historic links courses here. It is also the oldest tournament in golf. Outside the United Kingdom the Open Championship is mostly referred to as the 'British Open'.

The PGA Championship

This tournament is conducted by the Professional Golfers Association of America as part of the PGA Tour and it happens every year in August.

Women's Golf Tournaments

Kraft Nabisco Championship

This tournament began in 1972 and is held at the Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage, California. The winner qualifies to play in the season-ending LPGA Playoffs at The ADT and offers attractive prize money of over $2 million.

LPGA Championship

This is the second oldest golf tournament and the winner qualifies to play in the season-ending LPGA Playoffs at The ADT.

U.S. Women's Open Golf Championship

The first tournament was held in 1950. However, though this is a significant tournament, it is not recognized globally as a major championship.

Women's British Open

Held in Britain, this is a major women's golf tournament which is considered as an important one by both the Ladies European Tour and the LPGA Tour.

Popularity of golf tournaments

Golf is a very popular game and as such golf tournaments are being viewed by businesses as an opportunity for sponsorship and advertisement. Tournaments are also held for charity and this helps to give something back to the community.