Go Karting

Go karting may be termed as a miniature form of car racing. Go karting are small vehicles and is often considered as a learning platform before leaping into motor sports.

There are various forms of karts and can even reach a maximum speed of 250 km per hour. The weights of such cars are generally around 150 kg including the weight of the driver.

Though the cars may be very small, its acceleration is superb with 0-60 km under three seconds. Though these carts are small in size, they are hugely strong. This is because the chassis of these carts are made of steel tube and can any amount of pressure.

The tubes are designed in such a way that it also works as a suspension. Karting, which is a very popular sport in the US has categorized karting into three categories, Open, Caged, Straight and Offset.

Go Karting London

In the United Kingdom, karting has literally become a way of life for the teenagers. Because of the popularity, a lot of clubs have been formed where enthusiasts can not only learn but also compete.

Some of the most prominent circuits in the country are as follows:

Go Karting Birmingham

Go karting birminghamare the fastest indoor karts in Europe and has a state-of-the-art indoor track. Team works is considered to be one of the largest booking centres for go-kart racing in the UK and has as many as 19 indoor and outdoor circuits.

Teesside Go Karting

Teesside go karting is located in Middles borough, Cleveland, and is an Outdoor circuit having a length of 1300m. The circuit is open all year round.

The Raceway go Karting

Raceway go karting is located in London and is an indoor circuit having a length of 850m. It operates the two largest indoor karting venues in the UK.

The raceway go karting Located in North London, this is an indoor circuit having a length of 750m.

V.I.P. Rally Karting

Rally go karting is located in Malton, North Yorkshire, and is an outdoor circuit.

Some of the other popular circuits in the UK are Wessex Raceway Indoor Karting, Ancaster Kart Racing and Ancaster Karting and Paintball.

Karting Rib Protector

Karting rib protector is one of the most essential gadgets that a driver needs to wear for safety. The other one being a helmet. The rib protector, which is generally made from shockproof fabric, offers maximum protection from shock to the rib cage. It is designed in such a way that it fits into a kart suit.

Indoor Circuits

Indoor circuits can be located in any closed space, sometimes even in old factories. In European nations, indoor karting is hugely popular and most people start learning the arts of motor racing in an indoor karting space. Indoor karting started in the 1990s. Karting started around the 50s and it was Art Ingles who is generally accepted to be the father of karting. He built the first kart in Southern California in 1956.

World Go Karting Association

The World Karting Association is basically an American racing organization for go karting that was founded in 1971.