Fuji Television Japanese Grand Prix 2009

Fuji Television Japanese Grand Prix 2009:

The History of Fuji Television Japanese Grand Prix:

Substituting the famous Suzuka circuit for the 2007 Fuji Television Japanese Grand Prix (the sites will interchange from 2009) the Fuji Speedway had a hard-hitting take action to follow. But with Mount Fuji as a background, a multimillion-dollar renovation by track plan guru Hermann Tilke and an overtaking-friendly 1.5-kilometre in a straight line, Japan's new Grand Prix circuit established more than standing by to get on the defy.

Firstly constructed in the mode of an American speedway in 1966, Fuji is most excellent memorized for hosting the extremely earliest Japanese Grand Prix in 1976. The opening race was the setting for one of Formula One racing's contiguous label face-off between James Hunt and Niki Lauda. However the incident verified well-liked, the 1977 race would be the circuit's final look on the Formula One world finals schedule for 30 years.

Re-construction of Circuit of Fuji Television Japanese Grand Prix Race:

In 2000, Toyota purchased a 93 percent wager in the track and three years afterward Fuji was stopped up for overhaul, before reopening in February 2005. Computing 4.5 kilometres in span the consequences of Tilke's renovation were considerable. Merging the new circuit's renowned straight with his trait twirls and turns, the new plan frightened adequate to make safe the Japanese race for 2007. Restructured and simplified, the track without difficulty rivals other new circuits in Bahrain, Shanghai and Istanbul. Extended blacktop run-off spots have enhanced driver safety, though the better infrastructure and contemporary conveniences make happy the wants of both the compound and the viewers.

The Facilities of Fuji Television Japanese Grand Prix Race Track:

Situated in Japan's full of people Shizuoka province and just 62 miles from Tokyo, organizers guess to magnetize up to 220,000 viewers to Fuji above the course of the race weekend, with 110,000 on race day single-handedly. To provide somewhere to stay the crowds, the circuit brags some of the calendar's most excellent impresses counting seat for 24,000 conflicting the pits.

The Scope of the Fuji Television Japanese Grand Prix Circuit:

There are 67 Laps in the Circuit. The Track length is 4.563 km. The distance of the Race is 305.416 km. The Record Time of the Lap is 1:18.426 finished by F. Massa in 2008.

The Fuji Television Japanese Grand Prix Formula One Race will be commenced on Sunday, 18th October, 2009.