Football sports are named as Worlds most famous game. Football has most number of spectators and fans all over the world. After Olympics, Football world Cup is the second game that the spectators enjoy, from all over the world, though their country participated or not. Another plus point is that it’s a very small game played with two sessions of 45 minutes each. Meaning of this sport is very simple like its name; it means play the ball with foot. Football is played between two football teams each having 11 players inclusive of one goalkeeper and their task is to attack the ball towards opponent’s goal. This game is played on a rectangular 100-yard long field having nets on both sides known as goals.

Football team who score most number of goals against the opponent wins the match, in case if the goal score are same then it’s a draw. And for a decisive match after draw, each football football team should allow to play 30 minutes game, so that the football team that take advantage by scoring a goal can win the match. But if still the score is equal, then they have to play the penalty game, each football football team should given 06 penalty shots against the opponent to score goal, and the football team score more wins the game. Goal Keeper is the key player of the match as he is completely responsible for protecting goal from opponent’s strikers. This is game is categorized one of the simple game of the World. Football is known by some other names in different places, like it may called as Soccer or Rugby, but football rules & regulations and football terms are very much similar to Rugby rules and terms.

Football is considered as one of the oldest games. Concept of Football is discovered in 12th Century in England. Though there was a game similar to football was played 3000 years ago in Japan, and it becomes popular from time to time. For further promotion of Football in World sport, first formal organization was made in 1904 named as Football Association or FIFA. And first Football club was formed in 1857. Then the first major tournament is started in 1930 and named as WORLD CUP as there were lots of football teams participated in this at International level.

Football is the most common game played in schools or colleges as college football or school football championships in Us ,Uk. Even some of students also play this sport as a profession. There are lots of Football Associations all over the world, that seek the football players organizes camps to make them perfect and even organizes the tournaments at national level. Professional coaches are hired by the organizations for these training camps and improve the playing skills of participants. A Football player earns good and handsome salary, if he becomes a professional for his country football team. Brazil is known as the king of the Football.

Now, we are going to discuss the role of India in Football. As we all know that, India is not a good football team and hence not a part of World Cup from past many years. But, we are playing lots of Football matches at Asian level, and also performed good results. Though India had qualified once in 1950 for Football world Cup, but after that they had not shown any good game, which progress them to a part of World Cup. There are few associations in India, that are promoting Football, like coaching of Junior football team or college level player by International Professional players in their training camps. Like Cricket, football also becomes popular here, and young generation decides to make Football as their career. India Football Association is one of the promoting football organizations. It was founded in 1893 in West Bengal. All India Football federation is also one of the organizations

Though present of Indian Football is not in good condition, but young generation are very interested in making it as a career, and sports organization too provide them proper professionals training to enhance their skills. And India has a very promising Football future.

That’s all I want to say about when Football comes in mind.