Football Games

Football in general denotes to a number of the popular sports of the present time. Association football or more commonly known as soccer is perhaps the most popular out of all the different classes of football games that are played today. Football is also associated with the American Football or more commonly known as Gridiron. Other form of sports where the name is applied includes Rugby football, Australian Rules football, Canadian football, Gaelic football and other related games.

Whatever the name applies to the sports, the key rule of football involves the addition of a spherical shaped ball which is used by the players to score points by moving it into the goal post area of the opposing team Other notable rules common to every form of football game include the offside rules, the presence of crossbar in the field and the free kick rule. Football cannot be specified as a modern sport. Infact its existence dates back to the 476 BC to 221 BC, where it is assumed to be played among the Chinese militaries. However, the modern policies of football that we witness today have their origins in England.

Soccer Games

Soccer football or Association is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the world. The game is played on a rectangular field where there are two goal posts present at each of the short ends. The duration of a soccer football game is typically 90 minutes long, with the presence of an interval after the first 45 minutes of game play. The game is played between 11 team members in both the teams with the presence of a goalkeeper in each of the team. One of the major rules in the soccer game is the restriction of the rest 10 players to use their hands while handling the ball in the field. However, they are permitted to use their feet, torso or heads during the game.

The goalkeeper is the only player in the field who is allowed to use the hands or arms to impel the ball from entering the goal post. The team that scores the maximum number of goals is considered as the winners of the match. If the score between the teams is same then either the match is declared as a draw or the winning team is determined in the extra span of time which sometimes is also followed by a penalty shootout. FIFA is known as the International governing body of soccer under which the soccer world cup takes place, which is known as the most prestigious title of this game.

American Football Game

The US Army All-American Bowl features some of the best young players of the country. These young players are selected from the high schools levels, who show great physical potency on the field as well as mental strength in the classroom. The game features some of the future college and NFL stars determined by the set up of a classic East vs. West match up.

Paper Football Game

Paper football is also known as Chinese football, Carter football, Finger football or Flick football. It is played among two players by using a sheet of paper folded into small triangle that resembles a ball. Its game play is quite similar to the American football and it requires a small, narrow rectangular table in order to play. The key object of the game is to slide the paper ball into the opponent's goal post by sliding it using one's thumb and forefinger of one hand. There are many shots that could be applied in this game such as the touchdown shot, which is worth of 6 points once a player successfully applies this shot during a game. Paper football is widely practiced all across the United States.

Electronic Football Games

Electronic football games are popular in the recent times. It incorporates a rectangular table where you can play and enjoy the game with features from the real life football matches. Most of the electronic football kits provide the players with all the sufficient features that are required to play a typical football match. Some of these electronic football tables come with an extra electronic buzzer and vibrations to give the players a real life experience during the game play. Each of the 11 players of both the opposing team are specialised according to the skills required in football sport such as defence, striking and special movements. Electronic football games are typically of 60 minute duration and a maximum of 4 players can play at time. Its price ranges from $30 to as much as $500 and is the best way to learn the tactics of football