Football Associations

  • The Football Associations is basically the governing body of football game in England. It also governs almost all the major football clubs in England.
  • It is the responsibility of the FA to organize the national team of men and women as well as the appointment of the coach and the other management staff for the football championships.
American Indoor Football Association
  • The American Indoor Football Association (AIFA) was formed in 2006. The league founders and the owners are John Morris and Michael Mink.
  • The league consisted of six teams; all of them belonged to the Eastern United States. The league changed its name to the American Indoor Football League in 2006 and was further joined by ten more teams.
  • The year 2007 was the most successful year till then as the American Indoor Football Association owners John Morris and Michael Mink signed a three-year national television broadcast, mobile phone broadcast, and webcast licensing agreement with simply 4me incorporated.
Case Study on American Indoor Football Association
  • The AIFA doesn’t use the rebound net as used in the Arena Football League.
  • The AIFA is the only indoor football league in America to follow the “single”also known as rouge.
  • The AIFA ball selection is similar to that of the balls in the American Basketball Association like red, white, and blue and not the usual brown colored football of the leagues.
  • Franchises must have at least 9 players in a team to originate from a radius.
Case Study of Football
  • Football was introduced into Nigeria by the British colonialists in the year 1914.
  • The founder of the game was Baron Mulford.
  • In the year 1938, the idea of the formation of the Nigeria Football Association was put forward by : 1.Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, 2.Mr. R.G. Marshal, 3.Chief Etun Bassey, 4.Dr. Isaac Ladipo Oluwo, 5.Baron Mulford, 6.Mr. D.H. Holley
  • All of them had genuine interest in the game and so wanted the promotion of game.
Nigeria Football Association
  • The Nigeria Football Association (NFA) governs and organizes the domestic and international football in Nigeria.
  • It was founded in 1945 and created the first nigerian national football team in 1949.
  • The NFA was joined by FIFA and CAF in 1959. The headquaters of NFA is in the city of Abuja.
  • The NFA had organized four leagues in the year 2006 listed as the Nigerian Premier League, the Pro-League, the Amateur League and the Women's League.
Korea Football Association
  • The Korea Football Association is the governing as well as the organizing body of football in Korea.
  • In the year 1933 the first governing body of Korean football,the Joseon Football Association was formed.
  • Park Seung-bin was appointed the first President of the KFA, had prime responsibility to promote and spread the game of football in korea.
  • The contemporary football game of korea primarily originated from the korean ball game of ancient times known as “chukguk”. The first all korean fotball tournament was held in 1921. The tounament served as the base to start the organized sport since then. In the year 1948, the Korea Football Association was reinstated due to the establishment of the Republic of Korea. In the year 1954, the KFA became the member of Asian Football confederation (AFC).
Indian football association (IFA)
  • Indian football association (IFA) is the oldest football association in India and was founded in 1893 in the state of West Bengal.
  • The governing and the organizing body of football is All India Football Federation (AIFF).
  • However, before the foundation of AIFF, the incharge of the game was IFA but administration was completely under the conrol of the Football Association of England.
  • Football in India is the second most popular game after cricket. Domestic football is more popular.
  • Football is a part of extracurricular activities in almost all the schools. Football is the most popular and top sport in the states of Goa, Kerala, Manipur, West Bengal, Mizoram and Sikkim.
  • Kolkata is known as the home of Indian football.
  • The two most popular football teams, East Bengal Club and Mohun Bagan AC belong to Kolkata.
  • In the year 2006, there was an agreement signed between Brazil and India to impart proper training to indian football players and coaches.