Flying Discs

Flying discs generally called Frisbees are saucer-shaped objects, which are generally made of plastic and are 20 to 25 centimeters in diameter. The shape of the disc, and airfoil in illustration, allows it to flutter by creating a lift as it moves through the air while whirling. The term Frisbee is an archived trademark of the Wham-O toy company, but is often used to depict all flying discs.


As an instrument of recreation, flying discs appeared for the first time in 1955 in US. Its manufacturers tried to capitalize on the growing popularity of UFO among American citizens.In 1964, the first professional model was launched in the market which evolved Frisbee as a new sport all together. Frisbee sports is a recreational sports played for fun and joy.

Types of Flying Discs

Wide assortments of flying disc are available commercially

  • Golf discs are denser but usually smaller in size and are made for particular flight levels to increase or decrease stability and distance.
  • Disc dog sports emloys comparatively slow flying discs made of more bendable stuff to keep it safe from a dog's bite and prevent injury.
  • Ring patterned discs are also available which normally elevate considerably farther than any other general discs.
  • Illuminated discs or flashflight discs are used in dark or night time play which uses phosphorescent fibre, or battery powered light emitting diodes (LEDs). There are also discs that produce sounds when they achieve a certain velocity in air.

Tips and Techniques

One can enjoy this activity in just about any outdoor space, such as a park or seashore. By regulating the angle of release, a player can make a disc curve, skip, hover, or travel in a straight line.How tough the game can be really rests on one's physical fitness. A balmy day can lead to a languorous game with least movement on the part of the players.

A breezy day can lead to a vibrant game with a bit of forward, lateral and backward movements and jumps involved. For active games, it is suggested that players should play on mostly even and a non concrete surfaces and also use proper footwear to curb ankle and foot injuries and jerks. It is possible for a lot of calories to be burned during long spirited games.

Famous Games of Frisbee

There are various games associated with Frisbee which is famous all over the world involving various sporting skills and based on many existing sporting patterns. Some of them are Friskee, Ultimate, Freestyle or Custom Frisbee, Dodge Frisbee, Disc Dog and Disc Golf which are famous for an immense use of sporting expertise and had played a leading role in developing Frisbee as a global recreation sports.