FIFA World Cup Predictions 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014 Day Wise Schedule
Day 1 - June 12 Day 2 - June 13 Round of 16
Day 3 - June 14 Day 4 - June 15 Quarter Finals
Day 5 - June 16 Day 6 - June 17 Semi Finals
Day 7 - June 18 Day 8 - June 19 Third Place
Day 9 - June 20 Day 10 - June 21 Final
Day 11 - June 22 Day 12 - June 23  
Day 13 - June 24 Day 14 - June 25  
Day 15 - June 26    

2014 FIFA World Cup Predictions

The FIFA top ten (as of May 8, 2014) comprises:

  1. Spain
  2. Germany
  3. Portugal
  4. Brazil
  5. Colombia
  6. Uruguay
  7. Argentina
  8. Switzerland
  9. Italy
  10. Greece

The Elo top ten (as of June 2, 2014) is:

  1. Brazil
  2. Spain
  3. Germany
  4. Argentina
  5. Netherlands
  6. England
  7. Portugal
  8. Colombia
  9. Uruguay
  10. Chile

Here are EA Sport's full predictions from the knock-out rounds.

* Bold countries may win


Brazil - Germany (ET)

3rd Place Game

Portugal - Spain

Semi Finals

Brazil - Portugal

Spain - Germany

Quarter Finals

Brazil - Uruguay

Portugal - Nigeria

England - Spain

Germany - Argentina

Round of 16

Brazil - Netherlands

Ivory Coast - Uruguay

France - Nigeria

Portugal - Russia

Spain - Mexico

England - Colombia

Argentina - Ecuador

Belgium - Germany

FIFA World Cup Predictions 2010

My World cup prediction of 2010 could shock some who are enthusiasts of football after the release of parenthesis of World Cup 2010. For what they are worth, I also put them on the Parenthesis of ESPN. Competition to put my money where my mouth is kind of speaks. My choices and predictions are just meant for entertainment and I acknowledge that it is very hard to speculate about football worldwide and it is the party of why football I am so interested. Teams across the world have different capacities and the matchups in a tournament as World Cup can change very quickly according to variables. If without deferring more, here is my predictions and choices as World Cup FIFA 2010 after the initial release of the parenthesis of World Cup.

Spain is probably the favorite in the classifications of World Cup from the Group H. Therefore we shall begin our 2010 predictions of FIFA World Cup and choose with this group. Spain will not be too much assessed against the similar of the Switzerland and Chile. I search Spain to go 3-0 and the advance easily from the Group H, Switzerland should be the second team of place. I think that Brazil is one not to earn the consideration of their classifications of World Cup and Portugal will finish the second in the Group G.

Put together characteristics France and only competition in which they will make face will be from Mexico. I find it probably that somebody other than France will earn the A group. My choices andpredictions for the Group B introduce the retorting Argentina as advertised. Greece will be the 2nd kernel of the Group B if their classifications are an indication of their force.

In the Group C, my choices and predictions have the United States 2nd and the 1ST is England. The United States can tell a huge difference with a win here and should not face up Germany by earning the group. I think that England just earns the group and the United States will face up resistant perspectives in it. The D group has the success of Germany and the 2nd picking is Australia. It puts theGerman against the Americans and Australia counters England.

The Parenthesis of precise World Cup that the Americans would like a win only in this point will not be easy against somebody.

My 2010 World Cup choices and predictions go on with Groups E and F. I like Italy to put first and the Slovakia to finish 2nd in the Group F. I choose Netherlands and Cameroon to finish first and the second respectively in the Group E.

I also predict that Mexico will confuse the Argentina and Germany will advance on the United States. My choices and predictions for the 2nd circle continue with Netherlands and Brazil. Spain and Portugal will provide the best second matchup circle in the parenthesis of World Cup but it will be retorting Spain. I expect that the classifications of World Cup support as Italy will also earn the entrance in the following circle with a win on Cameroon.

It makes my 8 final choices and predictions for World Cup FIFA 2010 England, France, Netherlands, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Germany and Mexico. What is my choices and predictions for 8 final parenthesis ofWorld Cup FIFA on 2010?

I predict that Germany, England, Brazil and Spain will make Four Final of the World Cup FIFA of this year of 2010. My 2010 which the World Cup of FIFA choices and predictions has Brazil facing up Germany in Finals. My final predictions and choose 2010 as World Cup FIFA? The Brazilian edges Germany 2-1 in the game of Championship of FIFA World Cup on 2010.