2014 FIFA World Cup: Grand Opening Ceremony Celebrations

Brazil FIFA World Cup 2014 Opening Ceremony

The FIFA World Cup opening ceremony 2014 will be hosted by the Arena Corinthians Stadium, Sao Paulo in Brazil. The ceremony taking place on the 12th of June 2014 will be followed by the opening game to be played between the host and Croatia.

The FIFA had signed Jenifer Lopez alongside Pitbull to perform at the opening ceremony. The world has rumored about Lopez backing off from the event at the lost moment. The rumors came to an end when Jenifer Lopez confirmed the news of lying low at the event due to some unavoidable production issues. Whilst she is no more associated with FIFA World Cup opening ceremony 2014, the excitement and grandeur of the pageantry will still continue to awe its fans.

The opening ceremony of FIFA World Cup 2014 will last upto 25 minutes showcasing a glimpse of over 600 dancers, gymnasts, trampolinists presenting an act with a LED ball. FIFA 2014 which is being held during the daytime will not display any fireworks unlike the previous year FIFA opening ceremony held at the night incepted with fireworks.

The FIFA World Cup 2014 opening ceremony will have “capoeira”, a Brazilian Martial Arts form that is a blend of acrobatics, dance, music and combating styles followed by other high profile celebrities performing at the event.

The opening ceremony will notice a local band from Brazil perform at the event that is definite to electrify its audience over the globe. A preparation time of almost 80 hours has been taken by the artists to perform at the event clearly depicting their seriousness for the same. The last performance of the opening ceremony i.e the World Cup theme song "We Are One"  will be performed by Pitbull.

FIFA World Cup 2010 Opening Ceremony

As soon as one FIFA World Cup event ends with a grand closing ceremony, die-hard fans start wishing for the following 4-year period to fly by so they can get to watch the next FIFA World cup sooner. This is common among all sports fans. Be it Football, Tennis Cricket, or any other sport. Such is the passion that people have for sports, and it’s definitely a great thing. What is surprising though is the fact that some parts of the event manages to grab the attention of even non-sport enthusiasts and this is nothing other than the opening and the closing ceremonies of major sport events.

Opening ceremonies hold some kind of a charm, a sense of grandeur that people love to be a part of or at least watch on television. Artistes and performers from across the world are part of opening ceremonies, which add to the marvel of the actual sport event itself. This year particularly, with the FIFA World Cup still seeing fans glued to their seats, saw another one of these grand, starry events. Being the first of the FIFA World Cups to be held in Africa, the opening ceremony caught the attention of millions of people from all over the world.

Out of the many well-known, star-studded performers, who patronized the FIFA World Cup 2010, here are a few: John Legend, Alicia Keys, Black Eyed Peas, Angelique Kidjo, Amadou & Mariam, BLK JKS and The Parlotones. There was no lack of crowd or cheering for these hi-fi performers. This opening ceremony is also considered to be one of the best so far also maybe because we’re all still under the hypnotizing effect created by the mind-blowing performances. A few more weeks will give us a clearer picture. Nevertheless, this opening ceremony has to be among the top three opening ceremonies so far. Let’s hope the closing ceremony is able to satisfy at least a part of the fans’ hunger even if not entirely.

Brazil FIFA World Cup 2014 Opening Ceremony Highlights