June 20, 2014 FIFA World Cup Day 9

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FIFA World Cup Friday, June 20, 2014

2014 FIFA World Cup Day 9

Costa Rica Vs Italy

Group Game Stadium Network Time
D Costa Rica 1-0 Italy Pernambuco, Recife ESPN 12:00 PM
Ruiz Goal 44'

Bryan Ruiz had been regarded as a surplus to the team before the Premier League but yester his only goal of the match was instrumental in dumping England out of the tournament. Coming as underdogs, Costa Rica won the Group D match at Arena Pernambuco with a 1-0 lead, surprising football fans all over the world. Costa Rica’s performance has been out rightly exciting and sparky as they secured their position into the second round of the tournament with precision and pace. Costa Rica was in fact the first team to qualify for the second round in a group dominated by champions. They had managed what England were incapable of in Manaus and were quite having their bit of fun in the field.

Italy won the kick off and was the favorites in the match. However, Costa Rica too looked determined though a bit relaxed as we can point out from the lazy cross in the 5th minute to the game. It was a close call for Costa Rica though it could have been an early lead. The English team was closely following their fate as later it sealed their fate in this World Cup. Italy was looking to attack but the sheer peskishness and discipline from the underdogs erected a tough barrier to dodge. A window opens for Italy in the 21st minute but the Costa Ricans made a good coverage. Much of the play was going on in the midfield with none of the teams willing to get loose. In the 30th minute, Balotelli loses another chance and this was the first time that the Costs Rican attack was pierced through. Apprehending the rising heat of the game, the Costa Ricans too look to pierce the Italy defense and in the 44th minute, a super cross from Diaz was followed by an equally directed header from Ruiz ensured the Costa Ricans made the score board ticking. At this time, one would have helped not wondered the tension in the English side. After half time we see regular changes and substitutions in both the Italian and Costa Rican sides but the score board remains unchanged. Costa Rica would be the happiest country in this planet right now and the world bows to them!

Goals for Costa Rica: Bryan Ruiz (44’)

Man of the Match:

  • Bryan Ruiz (Costa Rica)

Assistant Referees:

  • Carlos Astroza (Chile)
  • Sergio Román (Chile)

Fourth Official:

  • Néant Alioum (Cameroon)

Fifth Official:

  • Djibril Camara (Senegal)


Italy Costa Rica
5 THIAGO MOTTA (Out - 46') 5 BORGES C.
6 CANDREVA (Out - 57') 6 DUARTE O.
8 MARCHISIO (Out - 69') 9 CAMPBELL J (Out - 74')
9 >BALOTELLI (Yellow Card - 69') 10 RUIZ B. (C) (Goal - 44') (Out - 81')
21 PIRLO 17 TEJEDA Y. (Out - 68')

Costa Rica Vs Italy Highlights

France Vs Switzerland

Group Game Stadium Network Time
E France 5-2 Switzerland Fonte Nova, Salvador ESPN 3:00 PM
Giroud Goal 17'
Matuidi Goal 18'
Valbuena Goal 40'
Benzema Goal 67'
Sissoko Goal 73'
Džemaili Goal 81'
Xhaka Goal 87'

In a high flying match yesterday, France defeated Switzerland with a blazing 2-5 at Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador. This was the first games where so many goals were scored and the French midfielders, wing backs and forwards were equally surging to give their team a huge lead. Everyone participated in the mammoth of a win. The Swiss too had their moments but it wasn’t enough to match the calamity that the French brought.

The two goals for the Swiss were managed by Blemir Dzemaili and Granit Xhaka. It looked enough to get them to the second round of the tournament had they been able to keep the French away from the net. Right from the relay, the Swiss goalkeeper was getting a taste of the ball as the French forward were getting quite close. Benzenma’s first attempt was misfired in the 5th minute and he would have missed the score by a whisker. The first goal for France comes in the 17th minute when a far corner from Valbuena ended with Giroud pulling off a stunning header and into the nets. Even when the broadcasters hadn’t finished showing the replay, another goal was made as Blaise Matuidi runs in full swing pass the mid field and a cool goal to end the show. The Swiss would have made their way to an equalizer in the 29th minute but a brilliant save from goalie Mehmedi kept the scoreboard unchanged. In the 31st, France got a penalty as Djourou tips off Benzema. Mathieu Valbuena made the next score for France in the 41st minute with a ferocious attack from the Swiss corner. It was relentless and till half time, it was all France. The second half opened with some amazing footwork by both the teams but the score board wasn’t getting disturbed. It was in the 67th minute that Pogba made an impressive flight and found Benzema close to the Swiss net and eventually it was 4-0 in favor of France. Again in the 73rd minute, Moussa Sissoko made sure that the Swiss defense was deemed clueless as he dodged as many as six players in the goal mouth to score successfully! The first moment for the Swiss came in the 81st minute as Dzemaili managed a thunderous free kick from 30 yards beating Lloris and into the post. Swiss were trying hard and were rewarded with another goal as Xhaka manages a neat drop from inside. However, it was too late for a comeback and the final score remained 2-5 with France leading into the next leg of the tournament.

Goals for Switzerland: Blemir Dzemaili (81’), Granit Xhaka (87’)
Goals for France: Olivier Giroud (17’), Blaise Matuidi (18’), Mathieu Valbuena (40’), Karim Benzema (67’), Moussa Sissoko (73’)

Man of the Match:

  • Karim Benzema (France)

Assistant Referees:

  • Sander van Roekel (Netherlands)
  • Erwin Zeinstra (Netherlands)

Fourth Official:

  • Svein Oddvar Moen (Norway)

Fifth Official:

  • Kim Haglund (Norway)


Switzerland France
5 VON BERGEN (Out - 9') 3 EVRA
9 SEFEROVIC (Out - 69') 5 SAKHO (Out - 66')
10 XHAKA (Goal - 87') 6 CABAYE (Yellow Card - 88')
11 BEHRAMI (Out - 46') 8 VALBUENA (Goal - 40') (Out - 82')
13 RODRIGUEZ 9 GIROUD (Goal - 17') (Out - 63')
18 MEHMEDI 10 BENZEMA (Goal - 32') (Goal - 67')
20 DJOUROU 14 MATUIDI (Goal - 18')
23 SHAQIRI 18 SISSOKO (Goal - 73')

France Vs Switzerland Highlights

Ecuador Vs Honduras

Group Game Stadium Network Time
E Ecuador 2-1 Honduras Baixada, Curitiba ESPN 6:00 PM
E. Valencia Goal 34', 65' Costly Goal 31'

Another vintage show on the Brazilian field, Equador goes away with a win against the Honduras with a 2-1 win at Arena da Baixada, Curitiba. The night has been exciting enough with the previous tackle between Switzerland and France giving of 7 amazing goals. Even the first match of the day had shown how the Costa Rica, deemed to be underdogs, could give some surprises. The group E looks quite interesting and Ecuador coming from behind would be known as an end-to-end funnage.

The evening already showcased some amazing football and within five seconds of kickoff into this match, we already have a foul. Caicedo surprises with some quick feet but Montero wasn’t able to collect. Both the teams took the game cautiously defending their lines and relying more on defense. It was in the 31st minute, we get to see some blood. Honduras’s Carlo Costly makes a great goal marking the country’s first goal in the last 32 years. The last time Honduras was able to score in a world cup was in 1982. Soon after, Equador comes with an equally impressive equalize. This time Enner Valencia seizes the opportunity to bury the ball into the post. Till half time and way past that, both the teams were not taking any chances and were back to the strategy they had started with. Enner Valencia however pulled off another brilliant free kick in the 65th minute to pin the ball perfectly as Equador runs away with the match.

Goals for Honduras: Carlo Costly (31’)
Goals for Equador: Enner Valencia (34’, 65’)

Man of the Match:

  • Enner Valencia (Ecuador)

Assistant Referees:

  • Matthew Cream (Australia)
  • Hakan Anaz (Australia)

Fourth Official:

  • Yuichi Nishimura (Japan)

Fifth Official:

  • Toru Sagara (Japan)


Honduras Ecuador
5 BERNARDEZ (Yellow Card - 7') 3 ERAZO
7 EMILIO (Out - 46') 4 PAREDES
11 BENGTSON (Yellow Card - 45'+3) 6 NOBOA
13 COSTLY (Goal - 31') 7 MONTERO (Yellow Card - 80') (Out - 90'+2)
14 BONIEK (Out - 83') 10 W. AYOVI
15 ESPINOZA 11 CAICEDO (Out - 82')
19 GARRIDO (Out - 71') 13 E. VALENCIA (Goal - 34') (Goal - 65') (Yellow Card - 73')
20 CLAROS 14 MINDA (Out - 83')
21 BECKELES 16 A. VALENCIA (C) (Yellow Card - 57')

Ecuador Vs Honduras Highlights