FIFA World Cup 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014

The FIFA World Cup was first held at Estadio Centenario in Montevideo on 18th July, 1930. It is an international association football competition challenged by the senior men’s national members of International Federation of Association Football (FIFA). Since in the 1930, this FIFA championship has been conducted for every four years. But it was not held in 1942 and 1946 because of the Second World War. In 2010, the FIFA World Cup was won by Spain championship, which was conducted in South Africa.

FIFA World Cup Format

Qualifying Format

In FIFA World Cup format total 32 teams will qualify for the grand event. Every time hosting nation is qualify for FIFA World Cup (in 2014 Brazil is the hosting nation it is qualified for FIFA World Cup 2014). For remaining 31 places qualifying tournaments held within Europe, Africa, North and Central America and Caribbean Asia, Oceania, South America FIFA continental zones. Before starting qualifying tournaments FIFA decides how many places allocated to each continental zone. For 2014 world cup qualifying berths details given below.

  • Asia (AFC):  4 or 5 places [Qualified teams - Australia, Iran, Japan, South Korea]
  • Africa (CAF): 5 places [Qualified teams - Algeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria]
  • North, Central American and Caribbean (CONCACAF): 3 or 4 places [Qualified teams - Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, United States]
  • Oceania (OFC): 0 or 1 place  [None qualified]
  • South America (CONMEBOL): 4 or 5 places [Qualified teams - Argentina, Brazil (hosts), Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay]
  • Europe (UEFA): 13 Places [Qualified teams - Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland]
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Main Tournament

The qualified 32 teams divided into 8 groups, each group has 4 teams for group stage matches.  Each team plays a single match with their opponent in the same group. Winner of the match allocated 3 points, if match draw 1 point allocated to both teams.

Qualifying for knockout stage teams from each group can be determined as follows:

  • The team who scored highest number of points in the group
  • The team which has highest goal difference in the group
  • The team who scored  highest number of goals in group stage

With the above points if there is tie for one team they will qualify for knockout stage considering the below criteria:

  • The team scored highest points in head to head match
  • The team has highest goal difference in head to head match
  • The team scored highest scored goals in head to head match

Top two teams who are leading the points in that group will qualify for knockout stage. From knockout stage it is a single match exemption round, the team which will win, directly qualify for next round and looser will eliminate from the tournament. If the match ties in the knockout phase, the teams will be given 30 mints extra time for the match. In this extra time also match is still drawn then the winner will decide with penalty shootouts.  Successful winners of group 16 stages will go through for quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals.  To decide 3rd and 4th place their will held a playoff match.

FIFA World Cup 2014

Brazil hosted in1950 first time FIFIA World cup and this year hosting 2nd time. This is an international association football tournament that is conducted all over the world. It is attended by thousands of people or fans from around the world, and is watched by millions of people on television. “Inspiration” is the logo for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. This logo illustrates three hands reaching up and holding the coveted World Cup trophy. In this yellow and green colors are used, which reflects the colors of the Brazilian flag.

FIFA World Cup 2014 Day Wise Schedule
Day 1 - June 12 Day 2 - June 13 Round of 16
Day 3 - June 14 Day 4 - June 15 Quarter Finals
Day 5 - June 16 Day 6 - June 17 Semi Finals
Day 7 - June 18 Day 8 - June 19 Third Place
Day 9 - June 20 Day 10 - June 21 Final
Day 11 - June 22 Day 12 - June 23  
Day 13 - June 24 Day 14 - June 25  
Day 15 - June 26    

In this 2014 FIFA World Cup, there are 12 host cities around Brazil. The selected host cities are:

  • Belém
  • Belo Horizonte
  • Brasília
  • Campo Grande
  • Cuiabá
  • Curitiba
  • Florianópolis
  • Fortaleza
  • Goiânia
  • Maceió
  • Manaus
  • Natal
  • Porto Alegre
  • Recife
  • Rio Branco
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Salvador
  • São Paulo

2014 Sponsors & Partners

FIFA Partners FIFA World Cup Sponsors National Supporters
  • Adidas
  • Coca-Cola
  • Emirates
  • Hyundai–Kia
  • Sony
  • VISA
  • Budweiser
  • Castrol
  • Continental
  • McDonald's
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Marfrig
  • Yingli Solar
  • Oi
  • Apex-Brasil
  • Garoto
  • Centauro
  • Banco Itaú
  • Liberty Seguros
  • Wiseup

2014 National Supporters:

  • Apexbrasil
  • Centauro
  • Garoto
  • Itau
  • Liberty seguros
  • FIFA
  • Wise up
  • Football for hope

The FIFA World Cup is a global event in the world. Hence qualification is needed to reduce the large number of participants from about 200 to 32. Qualifying matches are conducted within the six FIFA continental zones only, those are:

Africa Asia North, Central America and Caribbean South America Oceania Europe

Currently, the qualification phase takes place over the previous three years and is used to decide which teams qualify for the tournament. This FIFA tournament includes 32 teams for competition. These 32 teams were challenging for the title within the host nations over a period of about one month. This phase is called the world cup finals. Eight various national teams won 19 world cups in this FIFA tournament, which are:

  • Brazil - Five
  • Italy - Four
  • West Germany - Three
  • Argentina - Two
  • Uruguay - Two
  • England - One
  • France - One
  • Spain - One

FIFA World Cup 2014 Qualified Teams by Group

Pot 1 (seeds) Pot 2 (Africa & South America) Pot 3 (Asia & North America) Pot 4 (Europe)

The 20th FIFA World Cup will be held in 2014 at Brazil from 12th June to 13 July. FIFA World Cup tournament announced the prize money for this year is $576 million American dollars. The winning country will receive $35 million of prize money and all the teams will get at least $8 million for each.

Host country Brazil
Dates 12 June13 July (32 days)
Teams 32 (from 5 or 6 confederations)
Venue(s) 12 (in 12 host cities)


Stadium Capacity
Maraca Stadium 76,935
Brasilia Stadium 70,042
Arena de Itaquera em 68,000
Fortaleza Arena 64,846
Imagem aerea do estadio Mineirao 62,547
Estadio Beira-Rio em 51,300
Itaipava Arena 46,154
G pantanal 42,968
Arena Amazonia 42,374
Dunes Arena 42,086
Baixada Arena 43,900


Tickets information are available here. Click here

2014 Prize Money

Stage Teams Prize Money
Participation Fee 32 Team $1.5m
Group Stage(eliminated Teams) 16 Teams $8m
Round of 16 (Losers) 8 Teams $9m
Quarter Finals (Losers) 4 Teams $14m
4th Place team  1 Team $18m
Third Place Team 1 Team $20m
Runner Up 1 Team $25m
Winners 1 Team $35m
Fees To clubs whose players play in WC   $70m

Prize money will be distributed as below,

  • $8 million – To each team eliminated at the group stage (16 teams)
  • $9 million – To each team eliminated in the round of 16 (8 teams)
  • $14 million – To each team eliminated in the quarter-finals (4 teams)
  • $20 million – Fourth placed team
  • $22 million – Third placed team
  • $25 million – Runner up
  • $35 million – Winner


Year Host Winner
1930 Uruguay Uruguay
1934 Italy Italy
1938 France Italy
1942 Cancelled due to World War II  
1946 Cancelled due to World War II  
1950 Brazil Uruguay
1954 Switzerland West Germany
1958 Sweden Brazil
1962 Chile Brazil
1966 England England
1970 Mexico Brazil
1974 West Germany West Germany
1978 Argentina Argentina
1982 Spain Italy
1986 Mexico Argentina
1990 Italy West Germany
1994 United States Brazil
1998 France France
2002 South Korea / Japan Brazil
2006 Germany Italy
2010 South Africa Spain
2014 Brazil  
2018 Russia  
2022 Qatar  

Selection Process

In the Earlier stage World Cups were given to countries for the assembling of FIFA Congress. The championship places that are going to held are quietly against both the countries of South America and Europe, because it was so long for the two centres of strength in football and also it would take the travelling time of three weeks by them in a boat. It was decided to held the first World Cup in Uruguay. Later the two World Cups were going to host inEurope. The discussion of hosting the next time of championship in France, but it became an argument and also the South American countries had an idea to understood the frequency between both the countries, so they decided that the location would be an alternative between the two continents. By the decision of South Americans Argentina and Uruguay has decided to boycott the 1938 FIFA World Cup.

From 1958 FIFA World Cup, the FIFA league decided to stop future boycotts or controversy. Later then FIFA started a pattern of hosting the championships alternatively in between the Americas and Europe, which was continued until the 1998 FIFA World Cup. After that the 2002 FIFA World Cup, hosted combinely together by South Korea and Japan. It was the first FIFA world cup that was held in Asian continent, and it was the only tournament having multiple hosts. Later South Africa is the first African nation to host the FIFA World Cup in 2010. Now, presently the 2014 FIFA World Cup is going to host by Brazil, it was the first held in South America since 1978 and this is the first time of the successive FIFA World Cups which is hosting outside the Europe.

At last the hosting country has been chosen in a voting system by FIFA's Executive Committee. This voting system is done under a full-scale ballot system. The national football association of a country are willing to conducting the championship league continuously by receiving a "Hosting Agreement" from FIFA, in that it tells each and every steps and requirements for a strong bid as expected . The confederation also got a bidding form, by the submission of the form it officially states that the confirmation of the candidacy. After the confirmation of the candidates, there will be a inspection done by the FIFA designated group, they visits the country to check and reports whether it stands and meets the requirements needed to host the event is produced. The decision of hosting the next FIFA World Cup tournament is generally discussed before the six or seven years in advance. However, the next FIFA World Cup Tournament events will be hosted by Russia and Qatar respectively. During the years of 2018 to 2022.

In 2010 and 2014 World Cups, the final league tournaments is rotated between associations, allows the associations from the chosen countries (Africa in 2010, South America in 2014) to bid the host league in their country. This rotation policy was discovered after the debate of surrounding Germany's defeated over South Africa in the voting to host the league of FIFA World Cup in 2006. However, this policy was going to end from 2014 andthe confederations had taken a decision that any country, except those belonging to the FIFA Association that hosted the two leagues, can be allowed to apply for the hosting of World Cups starting from 2018. This is one of the reason to avoid a similar case of bidding process for the 2014 tournament, in this league only Brazil was going to be the official bidder.


The two players Antonio Carbajal (Mexico) (1950 –1966) and Lothar Matthaus (Germany) (1982 –1998) share records playing in 5 FIFA World Cups. The most FIFA world cup matches played is Matthäus (25 appearances).  The best players of the three world cup finals are West Germany's Franz Beckenbauer (1966–1974) and Djalma Santos (1954 - 1962).

FIFA revealed the every one member of FIFA World Cup winning teams from 1930 - 974 in 2007 and retroactively awarded winners' medals. That made Pele (Brazil) only player to have won 3 World Cups in 1958, 1962 & 1970 and with two world cup medals from 20 players.

The 6 player have collected all three types of World Cup medals (winners', runner- ups', and third-place) in which 5 players were from West Germany's squad (1966–1974) by including Franz Beckenbauer. The overall top goal scorer in the world cup is Ronaldo (Brazil) (15 goals) (1998–2006) and Miroslav Klose (Germany) (2002–2010) and Gerd Müller (West Germany) (1970–1974) with 14 goals are second.

The number of goals in single FIFA world cup is Just Fontaine (France) (13) placed  fourth.

The only player to win the FIFA world cup till now as both player and head coach are Mário Zagallo (Brazil) and Franz Beckenbauer (West Germany).

Mario Zagallo Brazilian as football player won in 1958, 1962 world cup and also won in 1970 as head coach.

Franz Anton Beckenbauer German captain won in 1974 and also won in 1990 as head coach. The only head coach to win the tournament two times is Vittorio Pozzo (Italy) (1934, 1938). All head coach won the world cup from their native countries.

The most world cup matches played by Germany (99) and the most number of goals scored by Brazil (210). In 2002, world cup final the two teams played only once.


There are currently six awards:

  • The Golden Ball for best player;
  • The Golden Boot for top goal scorer (first awarded in 1930).
  • The Golden Glove Award for best goalkeeper (first awarded in 1994).
  • The Best Young Player award (first awarded in 2006) for best player (under 21 years of age)
  • The FIFA Fair Play Trophy for the team with the best record of fair play (first awarded in 1970).
  • The Most Entertaining Team award for the best entertained team of the tournament (first awarded in 1994).
  • An All-Star Team (first awarded in 1990) for the best players of the tournament.