2014 FIFA World Cup Semi Finals

FIFA World Cup 2014 Day Wise Schedule
Day 1 - June 12 Day 2 - June 13 Round of 16
Day 3 - June 14 Day 4 - June 15 Quarter Finals
Day 5 - June 16 Day 6 - June 17 Semi Finals
Day 7 - June 18 Day 8 - June 19 Third Place
Day 9 - June 20 Day 10 - June 21 Final
Day 11 - June 22 Day 12 - June 23  
Day 13 - June 24 Day 14 - June 25  
Day 15 - June 26    

FIFA World Cup 2014 Semi Finals Schedule

Tuesday, 08 July, 2014

Brazil vs. Germany (1-7)

A highly unprecedented, yesterday’s match between Brazil and Germany will certainly go down in history as one of the most exciting semi finals. The hosts have now been obliterated from this World Cup as Germany scores 7 goals to win an extra spot to the finals. The Brazilian side looked completely disorganized and their defenses failed several times. Within the first 29 minutes, Germany was already 5 goals ahead and the hosts didn’t find anything across the German nets until the 90th minute. Thiago Silva, the host team’s captain was shown a yellow card and was out of the match but that’s no excuse for such random failure. As for the Germans, they have been together for three consecutive World Cups now and yesterday was one of their best in the field. The communication between the German players was excellent and it was only time that they got the “ole” chant. This is possibly the world defeat that Brazil has conceded since 1934 as the Germans are looking geared up for their fourth title.

Into the match, the Germans were right on target from the first minute itself. Right in the 11th minute, Thomas Muller capitalizes on a corner as the Brazilian court was left wide open to be plundered. The lone Julio Cesar wasn’t able to stop the nudge and Germans open the score board. This was Muller’s fifth goal of the tournament but it was quite surprising how the Brazilian defense reacted. In the 14th minute, we see David Luiz show some fireworks as he dodges pass four Germans but soon the attack fizzles and even the Brazilian fans now seem to be on the better team’s side – the crowd getting noisier every minute. In the 23rd minute, Klose barges in and finds the net on his own rebound. 2 minutes later, Lahm comes running in with the ball again and passes it to Kroos before the Brazilian nets and he foots it for the third goal. If that wasn’t shock enough, Kroos runs another time towards the Brazilian goal in the 26th minute and takes Germany to a 4-0 lead. Yesterday, there was just no stopping the Germans and behind the special moves, everything looked so easy. In the 29th minute, it was Khedira who takes on the attack and capitalizes on the already torn apart Brazilian defense. Germany was 5-0 right in the 29th minute. It could have been a 6-0 soon, but this time Kroos misses as his show deflects from the post in the 32nd minute. Seeing their inevitable loss, the Brazilians weren’t even bothering to start their tackle and run around the edges. The Rio stadium stood in disbelief but this World Cup has brought enough surprises already. After the first half, the attack got subdues for a while but Lahm again finds the ball in his possession in front of the Brazilian court with note to tackle and barges into score the 6th goal for Germany. In the 79th minute, we see a stunner from Schurrle as he finds a sharp angle from under the bar, leaps into the air and fires into the Brazilian nets. Brazil does get its goal of honor in the 90th minute as Oscar does the first good job around the German nets. But that was it. It was all left to consoling and Joachim’s players didn’t step back after an incredible show. They will now be playing the finals against the winner of Netherlands-Argentina to be held next day.


Stadium Game
Estadio Mineirao, Belo Horizonte Brazil 1-7 Germany
Oscar Goal 90' Müller Goal 11'
Klose Goal 23'
Kroos Goal 24', 26'
Khedira Goal 29'
Schürrle Goal 69', 79'

Man of the Match:

  • Toni Kroos (Germany)

Assistant Referees:

  • Marvin Torrentera (Mexico)
  • Marcos Quintero (Mexico)

Fourth Official:

  • Mark Geiger (United States)

Fifth Official:

  • Mark Hurd (United States)


Brazil Germany
5 FERNANDINHO (Out - 46') 5 HUMMELS (Out - 46')
6 MARCELO 6 KHEDIRA (Goal - 29') (Out - 76')
9 FRED (Out - 69') 8 ÖZIL
11 OSCAR (Goal - 90') 11 KLOSE (Goal - 23') (Out - 58')
13 DANTE (Yellow Card - 68') 13 MÜLLER (Goal - 11')
20 BERNARD 18 KROOS (Goal - 24') (Goal - 26')

Brazil Vs Germany Highlights

Wednesday, 09 July, 2014

Netherlands vs. Argentina (0-0) P (2-4)

Both teams in yesterday’s semi finals played not to lose and after a whole 120 minutes, the score board looked vacant with 0-0. The decision making was forced into a penalty shootout wherein Argentina showed more perseverance and now moves into the semis to play Germany. Both the teams were explicit in their strategies and employed various cautionary tactics to work against the star players of the opponent. The Dutch midfield barricaded Messi and so were Robin van Persie and Arjen Robben. Most Argentinean fans would be disappointed with yesterday’s show but in days like this only the final verdict matters and Argentina somehow manages to stick around. As of Netherlands, they would be quite frustrated as they did all things right but had come into the game with tampered expectations. The finals would be played this Sunday at Maracana and we just hope to get a better show than 1990’s match.

Into the game, both the teams were showing the highest form of planning and knew what was coming. We see an interesting battle right in the start with Lavezzi getting to defend Dirk Kuyt and get the load of Marcus Rozo. Arjen Robben must have known that this wasn’t going to be a game where he could just snatch, run and put the ball where it belongs. Kuyt gets many touches throughout the match but wasn’t quite able to capitalize on them. If there had been the slightest possibility of a goal, the attack was centered on the right flank and both the teams had their men in the right positions. Well, the goaleys were having a more relaxed time yesterday but not until the match moved into the penalties. Even until half time, neither Van Persie or Robben or Messi had a possible shot on the goal. Perhaps the closest call would be that of Messi who was again easily saved. After the first half, the Dutch look more aggressive and keep possession of the ball but all they could manage were horizontal passes. While they were making sure that neither van Persie nor Robben came close to the ball, they also failed to penetrate the mid field. From a neutral perspective, one or two goals would have made this match more interesting and worthy of a semi final. The closest that anyone gets in Robben and that too in the stoppage time. The players are already tired and everyone was desperate to find some space. In the end it was just the penalty shootout that could see the nets away.


Netherlands: Vlaar (Saved), Robben (Goal), Sneijder (Saved), Kuyt (Goal)

Argentina: Messi (Goal), Garay (Goal), Aguero (Goal), Rodriguez (Goal)


Stadium Game
Arena de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo Netherlands 0–0 (a.e.t.) Argentina
  Vlaar (Penalty missed)
Robben (Penalty scored)
Sneijder (Penalty missed)
Kuyt (Penalty scored)
2-4 (Penalty scored) Messi
(Penalty scored) Garay
(Penalty scored) Agüero
(Penalty scored) Rodríguez

Man of the Match:

  • Sergio Romero (Argentina)

Assistant Referees:

  • Bahattin Duran (Turkey)
  • Tarık Ongun (Turkey)

Fourth Official:

  • Jonas Eriksson (Sweden)

Fifth Official:

  • Mathias Klasenius (Sweden)


Netherlands Argentina
4 MARTINS INDI (Yellow Card - 45') (Out - 46') 6 BIGLIA
5 BLIND 8 PEREZ (Out - 81')
6 DE JONG (Out - 62') 9 HIGUAIN (Out - 82')
9 V. PERSIE (C) (Out - 96') 10 MESSI (C)
11 ROBBEN 15 DEMICHELIS (Yellow Card - 49')
20 WIJNALDUM 22 LAVEZZI (Out - 101')

Netherlands Vs Argentina Highlights