2014 FIFA World Cup Round of 16

FIFA World Cup 2014 Day Wise Schedule
Day 1 - June 12 Day 2 - June 13 Round of 16
Day 3 - June 14 Day 4 - June 15 Quarter Finals
Day 5 - June 16 Day 6 - June 17 Semi Finals
Day 7 - June 18 Day 8 - June 19 Third Place
Day 9 - June 20 Day 10 - June 21 Final
Day 11 - June 22 Day 12 - June 23  
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Day 15 - June 26    

FIFA World Cup 2014 Round of 16 Schedule / Fixtures

Saturday, 28 June, 2014

Stadium Game
Estadio Mineirao, Belo Horizonte Brazil 1–1 (a.e.t.) Chile
David Luiz Goal 18' Sánchez Goal 32'
Maracana - Estadio Jornalista Mario Filho, Rio De Janeiro Colombia 2-0 Uruguay
Rodríguez Goal 28', 50'

Brazil vs. Chile (1-1) (3-2)

Somehow and with immense luck by their side, the Brazilians found a way to defeat Chile in their first “Round of 16” match in the Estadio Mineirao Arena, Belo Horizonte. Without the divine intervention and some amazing footwork by Julio Cesar, Brazil continues its hopes in this World Cup. The winning noise was deafening in the stadium as thousands of fans went into frenzy and some kind of primal relief. Brazil found its hero in its goalkeeper, Julio Cesar, who had been struggling to find a club last season and has been rejected by Queens Park Ranger. He saved two important penalties for the team and the world bowed to his perseverance.

The match itself had begun with frenzy with both team showing efforts to overpower the opponent. Signs of fatigue were evident as Gonzalo Jara missed defensive kicks. The first goal came in the 18th minute for Brazil as Luis flicks Neymar’s corner to find the nets. There was a brief debate whether Jara played any part in the goal but it was more important for Brazil that the ball was in the Chile nets. It took Chile a lot of effort to find an equalizer that came in the 32nd minute as Hulk loses possession and Alexis Sanchez calmly finds the bottom corner of the Brazilian net. That was the last of successful attempts within the remaining slot of 90 minutes. We did see some fabulous saves and dribble howsoever from both the sides. An extra 19 minutes too didn’t produce another goal. Subsequently, the match was to be decided in a penalty round.

Brazil’s 1st penalty – an incredible right sweep by David Luiz as he sends the ball shooting into the Chile nets.

Chile’s 1st penalty – Pinilla shoots straight to the keeper and SAVED!

Brazil’s 2nd penalty – William shoots very wide this time and misses the nets.

Chile’s 2nd penalty – Sanchez shoots to the right of Julio Cesar but the goaley jumps low and saves another life for Brazil.

Brazil’s 3rd penalty – This time Marcelo goes to the right and puts immense power into it. GOAL!

Chile’s 3rd penalty – Aranguiz had the unique idea of shooting to the top left corner and does find the GOAL!

Brazil’s 4th penalty – Hulk shoots low but into the legs of Bravo. SAVED!

Chile’s 4th penalty – Diaz shoots straight down the middle of net and finds the GOAL! Now it’s 2-2 for both teams in the penalty round and one shot left and Brazil takes position.

Brazil’s 5th penaltyNeymar makes the benches come alive with a stuttering run and gets the better out of Bravo to find the conclusive GOAL!

Goals for Brazil: David Luiz (18’, 1st penalty), Marcelo (3rd penalty), Neymar (5th penalty)

Goals for Chile: Alexis Sanchez (32’), Aranguiz (3rd penalty), Diaz (4th penalty)


Brazil Chile
2 DANI ALVES (Yellow Card - 105'+1) 2 MENA (Misses next match if booked) (Yellow Card - 17')
3 T SILVA (C) (Misses next match if booked) 4 ISLA
4 DAVID LUIZ (Goal - 18') 5 SILVA (Misses next match if booked) (Yellow Card - 40')
5 FERNANDINHO (Out - 72') 7 ALEXIS (Goal - 32')
6 MARCELO 8 VIDAL (Misses next match if booked) (Out - 87')
7 HULK (Yellow Card - 55') 11 VARGAS (Out - 57')
9 FRED (Out - 64') 17 MEDEL (Out - 108')
10 NEYMAR JR (Misses next match if booked) 18 JARA
11 OSCAR (Out - 106') 20 CH. ARÁNGUIZ (Misses next match if booked)
17 L GUSTAVO (Misses next match if booked) (Yellow Card - 60') 21 DIAZ

Brazil Vs Chile Highlights

Colombia vs. Uruguay (2-0)

Colombia takes away the match with James Rodriguez getting both the goals of the match over Uruguay in the fully packed Rio de Janero stadium yesterday. The Colombians move into the quarter finals while the fate of the Uruguay is sealed as they head back home after a successful run in the group stages. Prior to the match, the center of all the discussion had been Luiz Suarez, who had now been banished from any form of the game for the next three months. However, as the match was coming to an end, the fans found a new hero, James Rodriguez as he volleys from 25 yards in the 28th minute.

The first of the goals came in the 28th minute from James as he scores with a fantastic chest. It did end a cagey spell wherein the Columbians were looking to suffocate and struggling to break the strong Uruguay defense. Five minutes after the half time, the Columbian team shows an incredible effort and it was again James Rodriguez who shot the final pass into the opponent nets. James Rodriguez is now the leading goal scorer in this year’s tournament with five goals to his name. He is ahead of Lionel Messi (Argentina), Thomas Muller (Germany) and Neymar (Brazil), each of who have four goals. With this win, Colombia will now be playing Brazil on Friday in the Fortaleza Stadium.

Goals for Colombia: James Rodriguez (28’, 50’)


Colombia Uruguay
1 OSPINA (GK) 1 F. MUSLERA (GK) (Misses next match if booked)
2 C. ZAPATA 3 D. GODIN (C) (Misses next match if booked)
3 YEPES (C) 6 A. PEREIRA (Out - 53')
6 C. SANCHEZ (Misses next match if booked) 7 C. RODRIGUEZ
7 P. ARMERO (Yellow Card - 78') 10 D. FORLAN (Out - 53')
8 AGUILAR T. 13 J.M. GIMENEZ (Yellow Card - 55')
9 TEO (Out - 68') 16 M. PEREIRA
10 JAMES (Goal - 28') (Goal - 50') (Out - 85') 17 E. AREVALO RIOS (Misses next match if booked)
11 CUADRADO (Out - 81') 20 A. GONZALEZ (Out - 67')
21 JACKSON M. 22 M. CACERES (Misses next match if booked)

Colombia Vs Uruguay Highlights

Sunday, 29 June, 2014

Stadium Game
Estadio Castelao, Fortaleza Netherlands 2-1 Mexico
Sneijder Goal 88'
Huntelaar Goal 90+4' (pen.)
Dos Santos Goal 48'
Arena Pernambuco, Recife Costa Rica 1–1 (a.e.t.) Greece
Ruiz Goal 52' Papastathopoulos Goal 90+1'

Netherlands vs. Mexico (2-1)

It was a furnace like situation at Estadio Castelao, Fortaleza yesterday as Netherlands and Mexico fight for the remainder of the World Cup. It took a cool stoppage time penalty from Klass-Jan Huntelaar to take Netherlands to a victory. Mexico had been at the top of their game but for the sixth consecutive time, they have now lost in the second round of FIFA World Cup. As the Mexicans were sent home, they were all tears and so was the world.

Into the match, Netherland choose to attack early on and has the maximum possession of the ball. In the third minute itself Miguel Layun looks to shoot into the nets from 30 yards but it sails over. In the 7th minute, the Mexicans lost another chance as Netherland keeper Jasper Cillessen came quite far to clear a through ball but mishit it. With so much humidity in the field, the officials decide for a cooling break in the 32nd minute. Till half time, there was nothing to add to the scoreboard. It was in the 48th minute that Giovani dos Santos strikes for Mexico after receiving a pass with his chest and swinging it with his left foot past Jasper. This is also the first national goal for Giovani since 2012. The heat in the air was substantially increasing as the match progressed but both the teams showed signs of patience and remaining focused. Till the 87th minute, Netherlands had 10 corner kicks and multiple crosses but their side of the scoreboard still didn’t tick. It was in the 88th minute that Wesley Sneijder buries a stunner into the Mexican net to score the equalizer. Now that the scores are level, six minutes of extra time is awarded to bring out a conclusion to the game. It was in the 90+4 minute that Klass-Jan Huntelaar dodges Guilermo Ochoa to find the winning goal. It’s certainly a miracle for Netherlands. Both their goals came in the last minutes as Mexico almost thought they were through.

Goals for Netherlands: Wesley Sneijder (88’), Klass-Jan Huntelaar (90+4’)

Goals for Mexico: Giovani dos Santos (48’)


Netherlands Mexico
3 DE VRIJ (Misses next match if booked) 3 C. SALCIDO
5 BLIND (Misses next match if booked) 4 R. MARQUEZ (C) (Misses next match if booked) (Yellow Card - 90'+2)
6 DE JONG (Out - 9') 6 H. HERRERA
9 V. PERSIE (C) (Out - 76') 7 M. LAYUN
10 SNEIJDER (Goal - 88') 10 G. DOS SANTOS (Goal - 48') (Out - 61')
11 ROBBEN 15 H. MORENO (Misses next match if booked) (Out - 46')
12 VERHAEGH (Out - 56') 18 A. GUARDADO (Yellow Card - 90'+3)
15 KUYT 19 O. PERALTA (Out - 75')
20 WIJNALDUM 22 P. AGUILAR (Misses next match if booked) (Yellow Card - 69')

Netherlands vs. Mexico Highlights

Costa Rica vs. Greece (1-1) (5-3)

For the first time ever, Costa Rica has now advanced into the quarter finals. Yesterday, it took an incredible effort from the Costa Ricans to defeat the formidable Greeks in a penalty shootout. After the 66th minute, Costa Rica had also been playing with 10 men but we did see some nerve in the tensed and defining moments of the game.

Into the game, Greece was all set for the defensive. They were not looking to attack but nothing really did come into their court until the 52nd minute. It took Bryan Ruiz, a swinging left foot to find the right corner of the Greek penalty box. Now that the Costa Ricans had taken a lead, the Greek attack became a little stronger but it was not until the last bell that they found the equalizer. Everyone though that the match would end 1-0 in favor of the Costa Ricans but Sokratis finds a way past Navas, the Costa Rican goaley to take the game to overtime.

Nothing came out of the extra 32 minutes time and the officials had to go in for a penalty shootout.

Costa Rica 1st Penalty: It was a strategic wait by Celso Borges before he roofs the ball straight down the middle of the Greek nets. GOAL!

Greece 1st Penalty: This time it is Mitroglou who stuns Navas and finds the nets. GOAL!

Costa Rica 2nd Penalty: Another cracker of a shot by Captain Ruiz, the ball gets roofed for the second consecutive penalty success. GOAL!

Greece 2nd Penalty: This time it’s Christodoulopoulos taking the strike and looks nervy but nevertheless commits the ball past Navas. GOAL!

Costa Rica 3rd Penalty: Gonzalez takes to and slams the ball through the net and Karnezis leaped too early for a save. GOAL!

Greece 3rd Penalty: This time, Campbell draws on the halfway and presents a laid back effort misjudged by Karnezis. GOAL!

Costa Rica 4th Penalty: Navas makes a stunning save as Gekas was looking determined to net. Costa Rica now has the next kick.

Costa Rica 5th Penalty: Pressure is mounting but Umana walks up to the spot and was spot on with his footwork! GOAL! A superb match comes to a nervy end with Costa Rica advancing into the quarter finals with a 5-3 penalty win.

Goals for Costa Rica: Bryan Ruiz (52’), Celso Borges (1st penalty), Bryan Ruiz (2nd Penalty), Giancarlo Gonzalez (3rd Penalty), Joel Campbell (4th Penalty), Michael Umana (5th Penalty)

Goals for Greece: Sokratis (90’), Konstantinos Mitroglou (1st Penalty), Lazaros Christodoulopoulos (2nd Penalty), Jose Holebas (3rd Penalty)


Costa Rica Greece
1 NAVAS K. (GK) (Yellow Card - 90') 1 KARNEZIS (GK)
3 GONZALEZ G. (Misses next match if booked) 2 MANIATIS (Out - 78')
4 UMAÑA M. 4 MANOLAS (Yellow Card - 72')
5 BORGES C. 7 SAMARAS (Misses next match if booked)
6 DUARTE O. (Yellow Card - 42') (Red Card - 66') 10 KARAGOUNIS (C)
7 BOLAÑOS C. (Out - 83') 14 SALPINGIDIS (Misses next match if booked) (Out - 69')
9 CAMPBELL J. 15 TOROSIDIS (Misses next match if booked)
10 RUIZ B. (C) (Goal - 52') (Yellow Card - 70') 16 LAZAROS
15 DIAZ J. 19 SOKRATIS (Misses next match if booked) (Goal - 90'+1)
16 GAMBOA C. (Out - 77') 20 CHOLEVAS
17 TEJEDA Y. (Yellow Card - 48') (Out - 66') 22 SAMARIS (Yellow Card - 36') (Out - 58')

Costa Rica vs. Greece Highlights

Monday, 30 June, 2014

Stadium Game
Estadio Nacional, Brasilia France 2-0 Nigeria
Pogba Goal 79'
Yobo Goal 90+2' (o.g.)
Estadio Beira-Rio, Porto Alegre Germany 2–1 (a.e.t.) Algeria
Schürrle Goal 92'
Özil Goal 120'
Djabou Goal 120+1'

France vs. Nigeria (2-0)

Paul Pogba made all the difference for France as it quells the high flung Nigerian team to advance into the quarter finals. It was a great match up yesterday at the Estadio Nacional de Brasilia Stadium as fans saw one of the most spirited 90 minutes of the game in the tournament so far. Not that too many goals were conceded, but both the sides fought till the last minute and the better team make it through.

Into the match, both the goaleys had a busy time right from the first minute of the game. We see some amazing interceptions from Valbuena and Oshaniwa. In the 13th minute, Onazi gets hurt and is taken off the field while Nigeria takes a free kick. In the next minute we see the French losing out on a possible chance to get the scoreboard ticking. There is tuff gruel between the team and it wasn’t until the 79th minute that France makes good of an opportunity. This time a free kick headed by Benzema with Enyeama diving backwards passes on the ball to Pogba and he skillfully launches it high and into the Nigerian nets. The French take the lead and Nigeria gets more attacking to score an equalizer. In the process, they lose a couple of corners and in the 90th minute again they lose the ball to Yobo who scrambles back and carries it over the line to find the net. With the game over, it is the French who are heading to Maracana Stadium on Friday to play Germany.

Goals for France: Paul Pogba (79’), Joseph Yobo (90’)


France Nigeria
2 DEBUCHY 2 YOBO (C) (Own goal - 90'+2)
3 EVRA (Misses next match if booked) 5 AMBROSE
8 VALBUENA (Out - 90'+4) 9 EMENIKE
9 GIROUD (Out - 62') 10 MIKEL (Misses next match if booked)
10 BENZEMA 11 MOSES (Out - 89')
14 MATUIDI (Yellow Card - 54') 13 OSHANIWA (Misses next match if booked)
19 POGBA (Misses next match if booked) (Goal - 79') 17 ONAZI (Out - 59')
21 KOSCIELNY 22 OMERUO (Misses next match if booked)

France Vs Nigeria Highlights

Germany vs. Algeria (2-1)

It was a less than expected performance from Germany. Although they won the match yesterday against Algeria, they will have to buckle up if they are looking to stand up to the highly focused French team this Friday at the Maracana. Algeria could have easily taken over Germany if it wasn’t for Herr Neuerbauer. The Germans too lost many chances at the Algerian nets and it seemed many times that the Algerian spirit is overpowering the Germans.

Into the match, Algeria started with a 4-1-5-0 with Mustafi leading the right flank and Lahm guarding the other. Within the first few minutes, Mostefa loses the ball three times and it was Neuer who races out to control the damage. There is so much misjudgment in the teams with wrong decisions, wrong passes, failure to intercept and missing the goals. This match was just the opposite of what we had seen earlier in the night between France and Nigeria. The foul play when on for the full 90 minutes during which no goals were conceded and the referee had to award an extra 4 minutes. It was in the 92nd minute that Andre Schurrle scores for Germany with an excellent finish from about 3 meters. This is what had been missing all throughout the game. The Nigerians kept on attacking as the game was extended but it was the Germans who get their second goal in the 120th minute with Mesut Ozil breaking into the left corner of the box picking up a rebound and slotting it high and into the nets. Germany is already through when Nigerians pull up a fight back with a surprising cut from Abdelmoumene Djabou. However, it was too late to get into the right spirit of show the expected footwork. Algeria will now head back home.

Goals for Germany: Andre Schurrle (92’), Mesut Ozil (120’)

Goals for Algeria: Abdelmoumene Djabou (120+1’)


Germany Algeria
4 HÖWEDES (Misses next match if booked) 3 GHOULAM
8 ÖZIL (Goal - 120') 5 HALLICHE (C) (Yellow Card - 42') (Out - 97')
16 LAHM (C) (Yellow Card - 107') 10 FEGHOULI
18 KROOS 15 SOUDANI (Out - 100')
19 GÖTZE (Out - 46') 19 TAIDER (Out - 78')
21 MUSTAFI (Out - 70') 22 MOSTEFA

Germany Vs Algeria Highlights

Tuesday, 01 July, 2014

Stadium Game
Arena de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo Argentina 1-0 Switzerland
Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador Belgium 2-1 United States

Argentina vs. Switzerland (1-0)

The Swiss were ecstatic yesterday and they would have been able to get into a penalty round has it not been an extra time goal by Angel di Maria. The winning run was again well supported by Lionel Messi as he rightly picks out an inch cross that need to be set low and strike hard to find the post. Now that Argentina is into the quarterfinals, they will be facing Belgium. For Argentinean fans, it was a disappointing 90 minutes with many chances lost and the less decorated Swiss team fighting hard to keep them at bay.

Yesterday proved that Lionel Messi can be stopped and controlled. However, in the end it was Messi again who rose to deliver and give his team a win. It was in the 13th minute that Messi lost his first chance of making an impression. The Swiss were fast and as many would say “lucky”. Here were several free kicks conceded by both teams but none were good enough to enter the nets. Argentina enjoyed 57 percent of the possession but the Swiss were mostly territorial and breaking their defense was getting a tough task for Messi and his teammates. It did look like everyone is giving his best efforts but met by a similarly capable opposition. Until full time, Argentinean fans would be quite disappointed as the match should have ended quite before. With a 0-0 scorecard at full time, the match was extended by another 30 minutes and the same strategies were stuck to. It was in the 28th minute of extra time that Messi surprised everyone by dribbling down the left channel and rolling out a pass to Di Maria who in turn made a wonderful finish. The goal came just in the nick of time and Argentina sends the Swiss team home from the extravaganza.

Goals for Argentina: Angel di Maria (118’)


Argentina Switzerland
2 GARAY (Yellow Card - 120'+4) 2 LICHTSTEINER
5 GAGO (Out - 106') 10 XHAKA (Yellow Card - 36') (Out - 66')
7 DI MARIA (Goal - 118') (Yellow Card - 120') 11 BEHRAMI
10 MESSI (C) 18 MEHMEDI (Out - 113')
14 MASCHERANO 19 DRMIC (Out - 82')
16 ROJO (Misses next match if booked)
(Yellow Card - 90') (Out - 105'+1)
20 DJOUROU (Misses next match if booked)
22 LAVEZZI (Out - 74') 23 SHAQIRI

Argentina Vs Switzerland Highlights

Belgium vs. United States (2-1)

This match was the second for the day to be decided in the extra time. It was all dry till the first 90 minutes and all the three goals were scored in the extra time awarded. For United States, Tim Howard did everything possible that could have been done to reach the quarterfinals but it was just one shot that he wasn’t able to control and his team went up packing. The winning goal came from the boots of Kevin De Bruyne in the 93rd minute. Despite some late chances, including one stunning 114th minute save from Courtois, USA wasn’t able to get an equalizer that would have taken the match to the penalty round.

Into the match, Tim Howard makes a brilliant of what would have been the opening score of the game. USA misses another incredible chance in the 20th minute and right after, Belgium too had their share of missed opportunities. Both the teams came up with great defense and while good chances were being created for both sides, the interceptions by opponents were equally beautiful. In the 54th minute, Belgium ruined another great opportunity as the ball rolled past USA defenders. Several other chances were lost and till the 90th minute, there was nothing that could get the scoreboard ticking. It was in the 92nd minute that Belgium gets the first goal of the match with Kevin De Bruyne shoots of a stunner. The second goal for Belgium came in the 105th minute with Romelu Lukaku passing into the nets. USA gets desperate and Julian Green manages to put one into the nets in the 107th minute. However, time runs out and the final score shows a 2-1 in favor of the Belgians.

Goals for Belgium: Kevin De Bruyne (93’), Romelu Lukaku (105’)

Goals for United States: Julian Green (107’)


Belgium USA
2 ALDERWEIRELD (Misses next match if booked) 3 GONZALEZ (Misses next match if booked)
4 KOMPANY (C) (Yellow Card - 42') 4 BRADLEY
5 VERTONGHEN (Misses next match if booked) 5 BESLER
6 WITSEL (Misses next match if booked) 7 BEASLEY
7 DE BRUYNE (Goal - 93') 8 DEMPSEY (C)
8 FELLAINI 11 BEDOYA (Out - 105'+2)
10 E.HAZARD (Out - 111') 13 JONES (Misses next match if booked)
14 MERTENS (Out - 60') 19 ZUSI (Out - 72')
15 VAN BUYTEN 20 CAMERON (Yellow Card - 18')
17 ORIGI (Out - 91') 23 JOHNSON (Out - 32')

Belgium Vs United States Highlights