2014 FIFA World Cup Quarter Finals

FIFA World Cup 2014 Day Wise Schedule
Day 1 - June 12 Day 2 - June 13 Round of 16
Day 3 - June 14 Day 4 - June 15 Quarter Finals
Day 5 - June 16 Day 6 - June 17 Semi Finals
Day 7 - June 18 Day 8 - June 19 Third Place
Day 9 - June 20 Day 10 - June 21 Final
Day 11 - June 22 Day 12 - June 23  
Day 13 - June 24 Day 14 - June 25  
Day 15 - June 26    

FIFA World Cup 2014 Quarter Finals Schedule / Fixtures

Friday, 04 July, 2014

Stadium Game
Maracana - Estadio Jornalista Mario Filho, Rio De Janeiro France 0-1 Germany
Hummels Goal 13'
Estadio Castelao, Fortaleza Brazil 2-1 Colombia
Thiago Silva Goal 7'
David Luiz Goal 69'
Rodríguez Goal 80' (pen.)

France vs. Germany (0-1)

Germany has eased into the semi final round after yesterday’s hard fought 1-0 win against France at Rio de Janeiro. The only goal was scored by Mats Hummels in the 12th minute of the game. For the French, it was yet another sad setback. They had been trying for long to avenge their World Cup 1982 and 1986 trauma but all the players seem inhibited. Quite contrasting to the French strategy, every German in the Rio de Janeiro yesterday looked to make a contribution. We saw some incredible saves from Manuel Neuer, a stunning block and goal from Matt Hummels, a dominating Bastian Schweinsteiger in the midfield, a highly energetic Thomas Muller that kept the opponent guessing and every other player in their own accord. This has been a game of beauty inspite of a lone goal. The Germans shows the required aesthetics, commitment, understanding planning and intelligence and was the better side on the day.

Into the game, the Germans had gained an early lead through Mats Hummels. This gave them the chance to play a high defensive line and keep the ball in the French court for most of the time. Sometimes the French looked confused and we see several instances of misunderstanding and lack of coordination among the French players. On the occasions that the French were able to break through the German defense, Manuel Neuer, the German goalkeeper kept things tight, with a couple of one hand saves in each half. With this win, Germany will now be playing in the 4th successive World Cup semis as it faces Brazil on Tuesday in the Belo Horizonte Stadium.

Goals for Germany: Mats Hummels (12’)


France Germany
2 DEBUCHY 4 HÖWEDES (Misses next match if booked)
3 EVRA (Misses next match if booked) 5 HUMMELS (Goal - 13')
4 VARANE 6 KHEDIRA (Yellow Card - 54')
5 SAKHO (Out - 72') 7 SCHWEINSTEIGER (Yellow Card - 80')
6 CABAYE (Out - 73') 8 ÖZIL (Out - 83')
8 VALBUENA (Out - 85') 11 KLOSE (Out - 69')
11 GRIEZMANN 16 LAHM (C) (Misses next match if booked)
14 MATUIDI (Misses next match if booked) 18 KROOS (Out - 90'+2)
19 POGBA (Misses next match if booked) 20 BOATENG

France Vs Germany Highlights

Brazil vs. Colombia (1-2)

Yesterday’s match against Colombia was probably the toughest in this World Cup for Brazil but they managed a winning scorecard of 1-2 to advance into the semis and will now play Germany on Tuesday at the Belo Horizonte Stadium. Brazil didn’t have many great players on its side but the team showed amazing willpower and hope to be able to live up to the expectations of its fans. This was their best performance inspite of some setbacks in the match. As for fans, Thiago Silva had little reasons to get suspended and the departure of Neymar was already looking fatal to the team’s chances. It was with Neymar that Brazil had the expectations but this match showed that new inspirations can be born every day. With all the limitations, the downsized Brazilian team took on the pressure of a quarter final matches and now has qualified for the semis.

Into the match, the Brazilian fans had been nervous for the first minute, however, some nerves must have been calmed with the 6th minute goal by Thiago Silva. Thiago found himself unnoticed in the event of a corner and flew into the Colombian nets for an easy goal. Now that they had a goal to rely upon Brazil put all its resources in shutting their main threat, James Rodriguez, who is also the leading goal scorer in 2014 FIFA World Cup. There were some lost chances by the Colombians in between but one cannot praise the Brazilians enough for their resilience. The next goal for Brazil came in the 68th minute as David Luiz put in a perfect kick from 35 yards and into the upper corner of the Colombian goal. Inspite of being short of celebrities, Brazil now seemed to dominate their opponents. However, it was just time before James Rodriguez would have stricken. In the 80th minute, Julio Cesar fouled Bacca in the box and Rodriguez duly converted the penalty to get his 6th goal of the tournament and start the attack for the Colombians. The Colombians had several half chances in the last 10 minutes of the match but were never quite able to dodge the Brazilian defense completely. At full time, it was Brazil all over the Estadio Castelao Stadium, Fortaleza.

Goals for Brazil: Thiago Silva (6’), David Luiz (69’)

Goals for Colombia: James Rodriguez (80’)


Brazil Colombia
12 JULIO CESAR (GK) (Yellow Card - 78') 1 OSPINA (GK)
3 T SILVA (C) (Misses next match if booked) (Goal - 7')
(Yellow Card - 64')
4 DAVID LUIZ (Goal - 69') 3 YEPES (C) (Yellow Card - 69')
5 FERNANDINHO 6 C. SANCHEZ (Misses next match if booked)
6 MARCELO 7 P. ARMERO (Misses next match if booked)
7 HULK (Misses next match if booked) (Out - 83') 9 TEO (Out - 70')
8 PAULINHO (Out - 86') 10 JAMES (Yellow Card - 67') (Penalty - 80')
9 FRED 11 CUADRADO (Out - 80')
10 NEYMAR JR (Misses next match if booked) (Out - 88') 13 GUARIN (Misses next match if booked)
11 OSCAR 14 IBARBO (Out - 46')

Brazil vs Colombia Highlights

Saturday, 05 July, 2014

Stadium Game
Estadio Nacional, Brasilia Argentina 1-0 Belgium
Higuaín Goal 8'
Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador Netherlands 0–0 (a.e.t.) Costa Rica

Argentina vs. Belgium (1-0)

For Argentinean fans, it couldn’t get better than this. Yesterday, we saw one of the most exciting matches in this World Cup with Argentina taking the early lead into winning the match and qualifying for the next semi final. The other side, Belgium, looked offensively fluent and many a times came close to clearing the Argentinean defense near their goal, but with some skill and luck, Argentina emerge as the final winners. It was a great opportunities for the Belgians and they leave the World Cup with high thoughts and getting as close they could. The team would be looking forward to do better in the 2018 World Cup, also with most of its players hitting the prime in the next tournament to be held in Russia. Now that Argentina is through, they will be playing Netherlands in the second semi finals.

Into the match, the Argentineans looked dominating from the first minute. In the 8th, Gonzalo Higuain picks up a deflected pass and dips it with his right foot to shoot past Courtois and into the Belgian nets. As Argentina takes the lead, the Belgians looked even more aggressive and charging with full passion. Angel Di Maria’s injury in the 34th minute came as a shock as he has been the player often dubbed as a one-man team. The Belgians have an opportunity now and in the 43rd, they came to a foot wide close to their opponent’s nets. However, that was the closest they could ever get and as the match proceeded, they became desperate and lost the initial tempo. It was a lack of finishing touched that denied Belgium an equalizer and a chance to proceed onto the next leg of the tournament.

Goals for Argentina: Gonzalo Higuain (8’)


Argentina Belgium
2 GARAY (Misses next match if booked) 2 ALDERWEIRELD (Misses next match if booked) (Yellow Card - 68')
4 ZABALETA 4 KOMPANY (C) (Misses next match if booked)
6 BIGLIA (Yellow Card - 75') 5 VERTONGHEN (Misses next match if booked)
7 DI MARIA (Misses next match if booked) (Out - 33') 6 WITSEL (Misses next match if booked)
9 HIGUAIN (Goal - 8') (Out - 81') 7 DE BRUYNE
14 MASCHERANO 10 E.HAZARD (Yellow Card - 53') (Out - 75')
22 LAVEZZI (Out - 71') 15 VAN BUYTEN
23 BASANTA 17 ORIGI (Out - 59')

Argentina Vs Belgium Highlights

Netherlands vs. Costa Rica (0-0) (4-3)

Costa Rica had given a great performance in this World Cup and after those tight knockout matches, yesterday’s game was supposed to be an easy take. However, the Dutch came with the power of muscles and undermined their opponents at the Arena Fonte Nova to enter the next leg of the tournament. Yesterday’s match was again decided with a penalty shootout with score remaining at 0-0 till the first 90 minutes and the extra time. Football fans had expected the game to have ended quite earlier but Costa Rica showed enormous resilience to deny Netherlands any goal. It has been a dream run for Costa Rica but it was just a matter of time yesterday when Netherlands would have taken over the grind.

Into the match, the Netherlands team was looking to dominate from the first minute and till the end had been keeping a 70 percent possession of the ball. The Costa Rica goaley, Keylor Navas does deserve serious accolades as he had been the man ultimately responsible to take the game this far. Robin van Persie, the leading goal scorer for their team missed several chances yesterday and even in the extra time, it looked like Costa Ricans are going to take home the credits. As the match entered into the penalty round, Keylor Navas falls short of matching the muscle power of the Dutch and leave this World Cup with high glory.

Goals for Costa Rica: Celso Borges (P1), Giancarlo (P3), Christian Bolanos (P4)

Goals for Netherlands: Robin van Persie (P1, P2), Wesley Sneijder (P3), Dirk Kuijt (P4)


Netherlands Costa Rica
1 CILLESSEN (GK) (Out - 120'+1) 1 NAVAS K. (GK) (Misses next match if booked)
2 VLAAR 2 ACOSTA J. (Yellow Card - 107')
3 DE VRIJ (Misses next match if booked) 3 GONZALEZ G. (Misses next match if booked) (Yellow Card - 81')
4 MARTINS INDI (Yellow Card - 64') (Out - 106') 4 UMAÑA M. (Yellow Card - 52')
5 BLIND (Misses next match if booked) 5 BORGES C.
10 SNEIJDER 9 CAMPBELL J. (Out - 66')
11 ROBBEN 10 RUIZ B (C) (Misses next match if booked)
15 KUYT 15 DIAZ J. (Yellow Card - 37')
20 WIJNALDUM 16 GAMBOA C. (Out - 79')
21 MEMPHIS (Out - 76') 17 TEJEDA Y. (Misses next match if booked) (Out - 97')

Netherlands vs Costa Rica Highlights