2015 FIFA Women's World Cup

Fifa Womens World Cup Official mascot
  • Host Country : Canada
  • Dates : 6 June – 5 July
  • Teams : 24 (from 6 confederations)
  • Venue(s) : 6 (in 6 host cities)
  • Matches Played : 36
  • Goals Scored : 107 (2.97 per match)
  • Attendance : 885,369 (24,594 per match)
  • Top Scorer(s) : Germany Anja Mittag
    (4 goals)


The Fifa Women World Cup History looks back into the forming years of the most important International competition in women's football. This is an event which is played amongst the women's national football teams heading from the member states of FIFA, the global governing body of the regal game, football.

The Fifa Womens World Cup has been organized every four years since its inception in the year 1991, by the name of Women's World Championship. The Fifa Women's World Cup came into being almost sixty-one years after FIFA World Cup tournament which was designed solely for men since 1930, the first year of its beginning.

Currently Fifa Womens World Cup sees sixteen teams competing every four years to win the Fifa Trophy.

The FIFA Women'sWorld Cup 2015 will be the sixth Fifa Womens World Cup, which is the largest quadrennial international women's football world championship tournament. Thisyear, it is to be held between 26 June and 17 July 2015 in Germany after it won the bid to host the tournament in October 2007. Germany has also been two-time defending world champions, and this year they are planning to retain their cup in the grounds of the homeland.

FIFA Womens World Cup History

The Fifa Womens World Cup was the brainchild of Joao Havelange, who was the then FIFA president. The opening tournament of the event was played in China in 1991 and almost twelve countries represented the first Fifa Womens World Cup through their teams. In the next Fifa Womens World Cup which washeld in 1995, the host country was Sweden, with twelve teams participating. In 1999, the World Cup was played in the USA, and there were a large number of spectators exceeding 660,000!

The United States and Germany have been champions of the Fifa Womens World Cup twiceand Norway once. Germany had been the defending champion of the Fifa Womens World Cup for two consecutive years.

1999 saw one of the most famous moments of the tournament when American defender Brandi Chastaincelebrated the victory after scoring the winning goal in the penalty shot against China.She took of her jersey just like the male counterparts of the game, andflaunted her muscular torso and sports bra gallantly.The final match of 1999 was held in Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Californiaand had a world record number of spectators - 90,185, for a women's sportingevent.

Both the 1999 and 2003 Women's World Cup Tournaments were held in the United States.China was supposed to host the tournament in 2003, but could not do so becauseof SARS. As compensation for that, China automatically gained the qualificationfor hosting the event in 2007. This year, Germany is going to host the 2015FIFA Women's World Cup which has been decided in the vote in October 2007.

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