FIFA Club World Cup 2016

The FIFA Club World Cup simply called as the Club World Cup. It is a football competition of international association organized by the Federation International de Football Association which is commonly referred as FIFA. It is a sport's global governing body. In 2000 the championship was first commenced as FIFA Club World Championship.

Since, 2001 to 2004 the League was not held for some years due to a combination of factors, firstly the sudden decrease of FIFA's marketing partner International Sport and Leisure for the championship. Since 2005, the championship was conducted every year, and it has been organized by Brazil, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and Morocco.

  • Host country: Japan
  • Dates: 8 to 18 December 2016
  • Teams: 7 (from 6 confederations)
  • Venues: 2 (in 2 host cities)
  • Finals: 18 December 2016

Qualifying Methods to Enter into FIFA Championship

Qualifying to the FIFA Club World Championship, the participants who are actually competing in the FIFA should be the winning team of their Continental Championships.
Some of these Continental Championships:

  • Asian Super Cup
  • AFC Champions League
  • UAE Pro-League
  • CAF Champions League
  • African CAF Champions League
  • North American CONCACAF Champions League
  • South American Copa Libertadores
  • Oceanian OFC Champions League or European UEFA Champions League


FiFA Club World Cup 2015 Logo

The trophy used during the opening ceremony which is called the FIFA Club World Championship Cup. The honor to create the original trophy was made of Sawaya & Moroni. It is an Italian designer company that which makes contemporary designs with cultural backgrounds and design concepts. The designing company is placed in Milan. The weight of the trophy is 4 kg (8.8 lb) and a height of 37.5 cm (14.8 inches) and it is fully furnished with silver color. Its base and widest points are 10 cm (3.9 inches) long. There are 2 pedestals and 4 rectangular pillars at the bottom of the trophy. In 4 pillars of the base 2 are having the printed data on them and one of them is having the name of the league, "FIFA Club World Championship" printed on it. And the second one is having "FIFA" printed on it.

Prize Money

The 2000 FIFA Club World Championship was the inaugural edition of this competition;

  • Winner:               US$5 million
  • Runner-up:         US$4 million
  • Third place:        US$2.5 million
  • Fourth place:     US$2 million
  • Fifth place:         US$1.5 million
  • Sixth place:        US$1 million
  • Seventh place:  US$0.5 million


There are currently four awards:

  • The Golden Ball for best player;
  • The Golden Boot for top goal scorer;
  • The FIFA Fair Play Trophy will be awarded for the team having good scores of fair play
  • The MVP of the Final Match Trophy for the best player in the final; first awarded in 2005.